Lack of Dota Plus updates has Dota 2 players frustrated

By Marta Juras


Jul 15, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Dota Plus was released over a year ago and players aren’t happy with the number of updates they’ve gotten for the subscription service since then. Players now have a similar issue with the International 2019 Battle Pass.

Dota 2 announced Dota Plus as an evolution of the majors battle passes in March 2018. It’s a subscription service that includes many features grouped together, such as hero progression, the plus assistant tool, and plus perks. Some of the features include hero-specific challenges, exclusive sets, post-game analytics, free entry to weekly cups, and more.

Although it may at first sound like Dota Plus offers many features, some players feel that it has become stale and as such isn’t worth its price. Dota Plus hasn’t received much in the way of new content updates since its release.

In summer 2018, the system received improvements and new features including a new summer terrain and new plus hero challenges. Another new feature later released as a Dota Pro Circuit companion app this March. The app allows players to compete for shards by predicting the outcomes of DPC matches.

But there hasn’t been much else to speak to, and many players feel Dota Plus is simply a pay-to-win system for ranked progress since it allows for pre-set team roles and gives gameplay suggestions based on aggregated data that might also be found elsewhere.

The new International 2019 Battle Pass has already seen similar complaints. A few months after its release, it has been very slow in releasing promised content, and players feel Valve is not delivering to their expectations.

However, many still feel it’s more valuable than Dota Plus. The Battle Pass includes the special Wrath of the Mo’rokai and Jungle Expedition game modes, new in-game consumables and sets, and more. And as always, a 25% share of the Battle Pass revenue will go towards The International 2019 prize pool.

Valve’s communication towards its community hasn’t been the best. Their promises for new content seem to have no release dates or even hints as to when they may arrive, so it’s no wonder the player base is becoming increasingly frustrated with the developer.