KylieBitkin banned from NoPixel GTA server after xQc drama

By Olivia Richman


Apr 16, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Following drama with Grand Theft Auto criminal Felix “xQc” Lengyel, KylieBitkin has also been banned from the game’s NoPixel server. 

The popular Grand Theft Auto V server is home to many well-known streamers. It’s also become a hotbed of drama within the streaming community, with players constantly getting banned for toxic behavior. KylieBitkin is the most recent GTA player to be banned from NoPixel following a few altercations with xQc. 

xQc was banned for three days after encouraging his followers to harass KylieBitkin due to her arresting xQc mid-criminal activity. Upon his return, xQc told his fans not to chat hop but they continued to troll the cop for getting xQc in trouble in-game. 

“Don’t chat hop or get mad. It’s fine. I fucking lost. We lose all the fucking time. Who cares? It’s one more loss out of all the losses we take. If you chat hop, you’re getting cross-banned. I don’t give a fuck,” xQc said. 

But his plea didn’t work and KylieBitkin continued to face harassment. Now, KylieBitkin has been banned from NoPixel for three days. On Twitter, the streamer said she had a “three-day vacation” from the sever. She planned to speak with admins to get more information and see if she could reverse the ban. 

“Also, please don’t send any hate to the admins of the server. They have to make tough decisions, and even if you disagree with them that doesn’t make it okay to flame/insult them. Spread love, life is too short for hate,” KylieBitkin continued. 

Followers on Twitter joked that nobody would be harassing admins for this decision, hinting that many people were glad to see KylieBitkin banned from the server. Many in the streaming community felt that KylieBitkin deserved the ban after she arrested xQc. She “gunned down” the GTA criminal during a time he couldn’t defend himself. For a lot of NoPixel fans, she ruined the fun of letting xQc’s criminal activities unfold.

But KylieBitkin and her fans argued that she is role-playing a “hard ass” cop. It was in her character to disrupt the criminal mischief. 

But even though KylieBitkin is such a tough cop, others applauded NoPixel for banning her because she “abused a game mechanic” by attacking him mid-animation. It appeared to “end” the role-play aspect of the game and created a “meta game” situation. Because how would a cop be aware he was doing the crime before it happened, they argued. 

KylieBitkin will be back on the server in three days. She noted on Twitter that she’s okay even after receiving death threats over the situation. 

“Despite the death threats, bigotry, people encouraging me to commit suicide, rape threats, etc, I’m doing fine. No one needs to be worried about my mental health throughout this. I’ll never take my life. I’ve been too close to that before and won’t let it happen,” she said.