xQc begs viewers not to chat hop, fans still harass NoPixel cop

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 15, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Days after returning from the NoPixel server ban, Felix “xQc” Lengyel has once again found himself in controversy. 

The popular Twitch streamer is no stranger to drama, but his NoPixel ventures are out of control. After a triple ban streak, xQc was again complicit in a similar situation that had him begging his fans to behave and not hop chats. 

xQc’s hot and cold relationship with the NoPixel police department is no secret. This time, the streamer got himself in trouble while looting a bank while playing his criminal character. His robbery was interrupted by a fellow streamer KylieBitkin roleplaying as police officer Brittany Angel, who tried to negotiate terms with the bandits.

However, the situation soon went through the roof when Brittany ambushed xQc in the middle of his robbery and opened fire. 

xQc looked rattled and agitated but bottled up his anger after analyzing the chat that was fuming at Brittany for shooting the robbers. Predicting another chat-hopping controversy, the streamer immediately warned off his viewers not to chat hop. He went as far as to say that anyone who’s involved in harassing a fellow roleplayer will get banned from his chat.

“All I’ve said is in game’s scenario. Don’t chat hop or get mad. It’s fine. I fucking lost. We lose all the fucking time. Who cares? It’s one more loss out of all the losses we take. If you chat hop, you’re getting cross-banned. I don’t give a fuck,” xQc said. 

However, some fans were loose cannons unaffected by xQc’s warning, jumping in KylieBitkin’s chat with insensitive comments. The RP fans didn’t hold back and threatened to “rape and skin alive” Kylie for shooting their favorite streamer. Some fans even dug up Kylie’s social media and left sexist comments on her tweets and YouTube videos. 

Some fans are taking xQc’s roleplay streams a bit too seriously despite xQc’s clarification that he’s “not mad at anybody out of character.” It’s not the first time that bitter viewers have dragged NoPixel police through the dirt for holding xQc accountable, and the chat-hopping doesn’t seem to stop despite the warnings.

However, it’s unlikely that xQc will get banned again, especially after he explicitly advised his viewers to be on their best behavior. 

Why did xQc got banned in NoPixel RP server? 

xQc received his third ban after a wild stream loaded with criminal activities, where he misbehaved with the cops multiple times. His chat was continuously supporting his erratic behavior and harassing fellow roleplayers who were mean to xQc. The steamer seemed satisfied with the chat-hopping and encouraged it. This is most likely the reason xQc was banned from the NoPixel server for the third time. 


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