KovaaK 3.0 update makes the best aim training game even better

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The KovaaK 3.0 update is bringing map-making tools, upgraded graphics, and more to what is looking like the best aim training game on the market.

Aim training game KovaaK has released its highly-anticipated 3.0 update. The patch includes a new map editing system that allows any player to make complex training scenarios. It also comes with a complete graphical overhaul and a ton of performance improvements.

The shiniest new toy in KovaaK 3.0 is a set of approachable map-making tools. Now the average user can open up KovaaK and design their own custom training levels in a matter of minutes. It’s also now possible to edit existing community maps to make them fit a specific need. KovaaK 3.0 launches with 27 basic props and 28 brushes for beautifying your aim training experience. 

KovaaK 3.0 update improves graphics and performance

The 3.0 upgrade also comes with a complete overhaul of the game’s graphics. KovaaK’s visuals always left something to be desired, but now its surfaces look much more realistic. Lighting bounces off shiny walls, casting reflections onto targets and the environment. If you’re going to spend hundreds of hours in a training game, it’s nice for it to look good. Mapmakers can even choose from several new visual themes to give each scenario the perfect vibe.

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Users with lower-end computers may be worried, but developer The Meta seems to have made sure that the game runs as smoothly as possible. KovaaK 3.0 includes a list of performance improvements including faster restarts and loading times for new scenarios. For players who want to maximize FPS, it’s possible to revert all of the game’s graphical upgrades to ensure the smoothest possible gameplay.

Lastly, players can now share training playlists using a simple code system. Each playlist automatically generates a share code, which can be sent to friends for instant use. Expect to see pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant players sharing their training lists in the near future.