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These are the best KovaaK 2.0 aim training courses for CSGO

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 26, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

There are hundreds of aim training courses available in KovaaK, and it can be hard to choose from all of them. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of the very best training courses for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players in KovaaK 2.0. 

In CSGO, hectic gunfights can be decided in just fractions of a second. KovaaK 2.0 is designed to hone your skills faster than mindlessly grinding away in ranked matchmaking. Aim is a skill that can be honed like any other, and these four courses are the absolute best ways to improve your aim in CSGO.

1wall6targets TE

This course is one of the most popular KovaaK scenarios, and for good reason. Players are presented with a wall and six targets that respawn as soon as you shoot them. 1wall6targets TE is the quintessential course for improving your medium-range rifling in CSGO. 

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This course does a great job of emulating some of the most common aiming situations in CSGO. Let’s say you’re watching catwalk from Dust 2 A bombsite, but an enemy suddenly appears from CT spawn. You’ll need to quickly adjust your aim across a medium angle. This course will give you an edge over the competition by quickly building the muscle memory needed for aiming across multiple distances. 

Sniper 400ms Macro Flick

Dropping $4,750 for the AWP comes with a ton of risk, but nailing every flick shot makes it all worthwhile. This course will help your flicks become more consistent and improve your general reaction speed. Target acquisition is another important part of sniping in CSGO, and this KovaaK 2.0 course will train all three of these important skills at the same time. 

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Each targets only appears for two-fifths of a second. It can feel overwhelming at first, but that’s just enough time for the average player to react and aim before the target dissipates. As soon as it leaves, a new short-lived target will take its place.

This is one of the best KovaaK courses to improve your AWPing in CSGO. Just a few minutes of practice a day can help keep mid locked down on Mirage, Dust 2, or Cache.

voxTargetSwitch 250%

CSGO is a low mobility game compared to the likes of Overwatch and Valorant, but tracking is still a useful skill. The bots on voxTargetSwitch 250% move about as quickly as running players in CSGO. Their small size is roughly as big as the chest or stomach hitbox, which is where most shots end up when spraying at a moving target. 

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The challenge mode for this CSGO KovaaK course gives you 60 seconds to mow down as many targets as you can. Try to aim for at least 50 targets defeated in that timeframe. The targets don’t die from just one bullet, so you’ll need to confirm each kill before transitioning your spray. The time-to-kill is around the same as most CSGO submachine guns, so expect this KovaaK course to particularly improve your performance in anti-eco rounds. 


If you’re looking to improve your one-taps in CSGO, sunguraaSwitch is the KovaaK course for you. This scenario is designed to train your one-tap abilities with the Desert Eagle, and it uses several mechanics to enforce that. If you want to become an aim beast with CSGO’s most infamous pistol, load up this course and get to tapping.

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The targets have heads that die in one shot and bodies that die in two. The gun has limited ammo and a mechanic built around it. Body shots refund the bullet, headshots add extra ammo back into the magazine, and whiffs just consume bullets outright. If you run out of ammo, you’ll need to go through a reloading animation. Combined with strafing, this KovaaK course is ideal for practicing holding an angle during a CT eco round.


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