Kitboga scammer

Kitboga trolls scammer on Twitch until they have a meltdown

By Olivia Richman


Feb 11, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

YouTuber Kitboga is known for making fun of scammers, winning him a huge following across YouTube and Twitch. He has 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 1 million on Twitch, entertaining fans by getting the better of shady characters and using funny voices to further rile up the unsuspecting callers.

During a recent Twitch stream, fans watched Kitboga mess with an adamant scammer for over 10 hours over the course of a few days. This wound up leading to an epic meltdown

How does Kitboga trick scammers on Twitch?

Kitboga responds to pop-ups and scam emails that prey upon the elderly, then makes anyone he deals with from there miserable.

In this case, Kitboga received a pop-up that told him he has a virus. The pop-up urged Kitboga to call a certain number or his anti-virus software would automatically renew for $2,000. This usually prompts people to call since they want to fight the alleged charge.

During the call, the scammer uses a remote desktop program to access the victim’s computer. They will usually have the victim open their bank account and then pretend they sent them too much money. They will then demand recompense through gift card codes to services like the Google Play Store, and sell the codes to turn a profit.

But Kitboga was not about to let any of that happen. The seasoned streamer has a fake Google Play profile that he uses in these situations. Acting like a clueless older person, Kitboga kept purposely messing up and fiddling around, dragging out the process to an excruciating degree for the scammer. Kitboga got to the point where he was pretending to give the scammer the codes but then redeemed the codes instead of sending them, an “accident” that had the scammer finally exasperated with the entire scenario.

“I have one of the $500 codes,” Kitboga said, using a fake old lady voice.

The scammer then watched Kitboga’s mouse hover over the “redeem” button. He repeatedly begged Kitboga not to click it, telling him to “please wait” over and over. But Kitboga clicks the button anyway.

“Ma’am no! No! NO! YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT!” the scammer yelled, clearly exhausted with the 10-hour ordeal.

During the freakout, Kitboga could be seen holding in laughter. It seems to never get old to Kitboga or his viewers, who have seen him mess with scammers many times. Since the scammers believe they are tricking a clueless old lady, it’s definitely a rush to see them get played at their own game for many people.

Of course, this isn’t even the most intense freakout Kitboga has managed to capture for his viewers. One of his angriest has become an iconic video that is still shared around the internet to this day.

In the video, the scammer can’t take it anymore after dealing with Kitboga’s old lady persona for 10 hours. He pretended to have connection problems as the scammer prayed for him to listen. But Kitboga ignored the outcries, continuing to write out the gift card code.

“YOU B—-! DO NOT REDEEM THE CARD! DO NOT REDEEM!” the scammer yelled as Kitboga said he was going to redeem the card.

“NO! NO! I CAN REDEEM IT! I WILL REDEEM IT! YOU B—-! HELLO!” the man continued to scream as Kitboga pretended not to hear him.

There are other anti-scam YouTubers out there as well including Jim Browning, but Kitboga remains one of the most popular in the genre for his crazy ability to waste scammers’ time, sometimes up to 30 hours.