Kirby Dream Buffet release date

Kirby’s Dream Buffet finally gets release date, pre-orders open

By Olivia Richman


Aug 11, 2022

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Kirby’s Dream Buffet finally has a release date and is now available for pre-order.

Kirby fans were blown away by the surprise reveal of Kirby’s Dream Buffet in July. The colorful, food-focused Kirby title is a multiplayer mini-game extravaganza with friends competing to eat the most food, grow the biggest, and complete other challenges that allude to .

But at the time, Nintendo didn’t have a proper release date. Instead, developers said it was coming in “Summer 2022.” Now, fans have a date to circle in their calendars for the launch of Kirby’s Dream Buffet.

When is Kirby’s Dream Buffet coming out?

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is coming out August 17.

Nintendo of America finally tweeted an official release date for Kirby’s Dream Buffet. Fans went from not knowing when the game was coming out to only having a few days until release. Now fans are scrambling to buy the game. Luckily it’s available for pre-order on Nintendo’s store.

How much is Kirby’s Dream Buffet?

Kirby’s Dream Buffet will cost $14.99.

A lot of Nintendo fans thought that Kirby’s Dream Buffet would be free, most likely due to previous titles being free like Kirby Fighters 2. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Dream Buffet is still a relatively cheap game but some fans were disappointed to hear that they’d have to spend some dough to take on the Kirby food challenges.

Many Kirby fans are willing to pay the $14.99. Given the critical success of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, there is enthusiasm and optimism regarding the game despite it having a price tag.

What is Kirby’s Dream Buffet?

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a new party game for the Nintendo Switch.

The title has three game modes that center around Kirby completing challenges using food-themed transformations. This includes racing to the top of cakes, completing mini-games, and fighting others in a battle royale setting. The game revolves around Kirby’s unsatiable appetite both aesthetically and mechanically, so buckle in for a tasty adventure.


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