Killjoy can secretly place nanoswarm inside Split’s bomb boxes

Fariha Bhatti • January 23, 2021 8:59 am

Valorant’s Killjoy is possibly the deadliest agent in Split’s B site. A new find shows that her nanoswarm ability alone is enough to keep enemies at bay. 

Split’s B site may be tough to crack open for attackers due to an enclosed entrance and a tight middle area. However, it’s the easiest to field post-plant. With the right utility, agents can use the site’s corners to confuse their enemies attempting a retake. 

Killjoy’s toolkit enables her to independently hold a site while enabling her teammates to scout other areas. Split’s bomb point B becomes all but impossible to break open if Killjoy hides her turret at the entrance. However, the agent is also viable on the attacking side once the Spike has been planted. Her nanoswarm has become quite popular in post-plant setups, and this lineup will take the enemies by surprise. 

The wooden box under the B tower is one of the less common spike plant spots for attackers. For this setup, attach yourself with the box and set the Spike in the corner. Walk to the end of the ramp and align the crosshair where two tiles connect, as shown in the image. Next, aim at the right corner of the wooden box and throw the nanoswarm. 

The nanoswarm will slip inside the box, becoming invisible to enemies. Set yourself in a safe position where the defusing sound is audible and you can deploy the nade. Activate the nanoswarm a few seconds after the defender starts defusing the bomb to run down the time. This lineup will keep enemies away from the Spike, ultimately winning the round. 

Killjoy’s nade is supposed to disappear once it is thrown out. However, the ability shouldn’t slide through solid objects. This new find seems more like a glitch, but players confirm that said glitch has existed since Killjoy’s release. The nanoswarm is generally tricky to spot for the enemies even when it’s used in plain sight. Nanoswarm’s ability to slither through a box is likely not a bug, which is why it’s working months after the Sentinel’s release.

Moreover, Killjoy’s nade slides through a few other boxes sitting next to the Split map’s walls, which should also mean that this discovery is likely not a glitch. 

Why was Killjoy disabled in Valorant? 

Earlier, a bug in Killjoy’s turret was discovered which was similar to this one. While playing on Haven, her turret would slip through the ground, becoming completely undetectable and even more deadly. The bug was game-breaking as a turret is easily destructible by the enemy team when spotted, much different from the Sentinel’s invisible nano swarm. The developer deactivated Killjoy to find a hotfix for the bug as competitors had started taking advantage of it.


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