This Killjoy nanoswarm lineup protects the spike on Ascent

Fariha Bhatti • December 28, 02:36

Ascent map’s design makes it easier for defenders to retake a site effectively. However, agents such as Killjoy that have remote utility can ensure a strong post-plant situation for attackers. 

The B site of Ascent is generally a tricky area for the attackers. The narrow space in B main that leads to the site limits agents from carrying out fast pushes and utilizing their abilities. Conversely, the small area favors the defenders as they can easily counter the enemy’s strategies. 

If attackers do get an entry into bomb point B, it’s essential to put some thought into the situation after the plant to secure a round. This Killjoy lineup for Ascent site B can be a game-winner. 

The simple lineup for nano swarm begins from the default area for planting the spike. Place your aim in the middle of two green boxes, a bit away from the top edge. Set up the nano swarm, but don’t deploy it right away. 

Choose a safe position once you’ve set up the ability to make sure that you’re alive until the end. Pick a location according to the situation. For example, if there’s enough information to know that enemies are retaking from defender side spawn, let your teammates pick their duels and take cover in B main. 

Remaining within earshot is crucial in this setup. Deploy your nano swarm three seconds after hearing the sound of enemies defusing the spike. Waiting for a few seconds will ensure that it’s not a fake defuse and allow your nano swarm to disrupt the defusal before it’s halfway. 

Killjoy’s basic ability works like Brimstone’s ultimate in this situation. Both of these agents can delay the enemies from stepping near the spike and ultimately run down the time. This shows that the genius of Germany has a kit that can give older agents a run for their money.  

Is Killjoy better than Cypher?

New agents are changing the way people play Riot’s tactical shooter. Cypher used to be the only sentinel in Valorant that could gather intel. Killjoy’s entry took the spotlight away from the Morrocan agent, as her kit carried more damage potential. Killjoy’s abilities allow her to gather information while causing damage, giving her an edge over her sentinel counterpart. 

It took some time for players to figure out Killjoy’s abilities, but she soon became one of the most picked agents. The agent still fails to beat Cypher in high-ranked lobbies, but at lower ranks, the German agent is picked more than the Morrocan spy. 


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