CS2 social media hints at release date next week

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 20, 2023

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The release date for CS2 may be sooner than expected, as Valve has started trolling players on social media.

The promised summer release of Counter-Strike 2 has been all but broken, and while Valve has opened up beta access and added tons to the client, the final release was still a mystery. Until now, that is, as Valve’s social media team has all but confirmed a release date for the game. Here are details on the CS2 release date hint, whether it should be taken seriously, and what to expect if it actually arrives on time.

On September 20, 2023, the official Counter-Strike social media team released an X post simply asking people what they had planned for next Wednesday, which falls on September 27. While innocent in isolation, it’s obvious to fans that this hints at an official release date.

Valve has previously hinted at major updates for both Counter-Strike and Dota 2 through social media, and they usually wind up being significant. The same account teased several CS2 limited beta test updates days before they came out. It’s safe to say that the CS2 development team is definitely planning something for next week, but is it safe to say it’s the official release?

Should CS2 fans take the next week release hint seriously?

While CS2 finally coming out next week would be exciting, it may be best for the community to hold their horses.

Valve has been constantly making updates to the limited beta, and it’s often hinted at these updates through social media. While something is definitely coming on Wednesday, it could just be a major mechanical overhaul, such as a fix for the notorious subtick server system or updates to the leaderboards. It could even involve new mapping or skin creation tools, which most players wouldn’t care too much about.

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However, if Valve really is released Counter-Strike 2 to the masses, expect something massive. An overdue operation is the most likely celebration, though there are plenty of other ways Valve could bring the community together. If you’re a betting man, consider asking for the day off now. Worst case, you’ll get to grind out more of the beta.


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