kennyS reiterates that he isn’t done with CSGO with great ace

Josse Van Dessel • March 18, 01:58

Amid questions about his future, Kenny “kennyS” Schrub scored a ridiculous ace in a game in the FACEIT Pro League, showing he still has the skills to compete with the best in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

The French AWPer was streaming his FPL game when he scored the ace. His team was down 0-10 on Mirage when kennyS pulled out his Deagle on an eco round. He hit headshots on his first two opponents before packing up a dropped AWP. With his trusted sniper rifle in hand, he managed to get three more kills in the kitchen area, the last one being a no-scope. 

His heroics were not enough to mount a comeback as his team eventually lost the game 4-16. Despite the lopsided final score, kennyS still managed 16 frags. He will continue honing his skill while he’s on G2‘s bench.

kennyS has been playing and streaming FPL games ever since being dropped from G2’s starting roster two weeks ago. He hasn’t found much success this season, winning only 21% of his games while sitting at the bottom of the table with a 3-11 record. But with his ace last night, he showed that his individual skills are still strong in the right circumstances.

Will kennyS switch to Valorant?

After the news of kennyS’ removal from the G2 Esports active lineup broke, rumors started surfacing that the AWP magician might be switching to Valorant. A move to Alliance was heavily rumored, but the Swedish organization ended up singing Alexandre “xms” Forté as its fifth player. 

kennyS fed these rumors by posting Valorant-related content on Twitter, interacting with Valorant streamers and pro players. Eventually, he put the rumors of a switch to bed by expressing his desire to keep grinding in CSGO.

What team will kennyS join?

kennyS is currently not rumored to join any team. A player of his statue will likely have a relatively high buyout clause, and his wages aren’t likely to be cheap either. He has the luxury to wait for the right opportunity, as he most likely only wants to join a roster that can win trophies.

At the time of writing, several big names in the French scene are either free agents or have been benched by their teams. Names such as Nathan “NBK” Schmitt, Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom, and Lucas “Lucky” Chastang are among these players. If an organization wants to sign a French roster that can potentially win tournaments, it will have some options available.


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