Kennen W bug continues to affect games after weeks live in LoL

By Christian Vejvad


Apr 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

It’s impossible to avoid bugs in a big game like League of Legends, but some bugs manage to stay active longer than others, much to the frustration of players and fans. A bug affecting Kennen is the latest to come under scrutiny.

Since patch 12.6 hit the live servers back on March 30, a bug with Kennen’s Electrical Surge (W) has been plaguing the game. The bug has seemingly been recognized by many players in the time since and is still happening despite the game having moved to patch 12.7 over one week ago. 

This bug was recently discovered by YouTuber Vandiril, who tested with Kennen in the game’s practice tool and confirmed that the bug is still in play. The bug allows Kennen to hit targets with Electrical Surge despite them being out of range.

In the video, it’s triggered by adding Mark of the Storm stacks to targets through Kennen’s Lightning Rush (E), followed by moving out of range and marking another enemy by using Thundering Shuriken (Q). Without the bug, only the target within the range of Kennen’s W would be hit, but in this case, even the targets out of range are hit by the ability. 

Kennen bug starts balance debate

Shortly after discovering that the bug is still in the game, players across different discussion forums have confirmed that they had also experienced this bug. Some thought that it was just a simple glitch, while others didn’t even notice how the range of Kennen’s Electrical Surge can now be much bigger than usual. 

Since nothing has been written in the recent patch notes about buffing the range on Electrical Surge, it’s fair to assume that it isn’t attended and should likely be fixed at some point in the near future. Despite that, the debate of buffing Kennen has surfaced alongside this buff discovery, as the Heart of the Tempest isn’t currently in his strongest spot and fans of the champion think his balance needs to be revisited.

If Riot Games will be looking towards this change as a potential way to buff Kennen in the future is hard to predict, but it might end up proving that Kennen does in fact need some tweaks to be more viable in the current League of Legends meta.


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