Kai’Sa’s childhood revealed in the latest K/DA comic

Olivia Richman • September 28, 2020 6:59 am

Ever since K/DA released their new hit single “THE BADDEST” last month, fans have been curious about the all-female singing sensations. 

Now the League of Legends community has the opportunity to get some insight into member Kai’Sa in the newest issue of a comic series called “K/DA: Harmonies.” 

The comic begins with Kai’Sa looking back at her childhood struggles. Her father’s job made the family travel often, making Kai’Sa say she never had a place to call home. She spent a lot of time in boarding schools, feeling “banished to a void.” This all changed when Kai’Sa found dance. 

“It was a cocoon. A safe haven,” Kai’Sa narrated. 

Kai'Sai Riot comic

After a while of dance practices and performances, Kai’Sa is offered a season residency at the National Ballet. But Kai’Sa chose to travel the world instead, saying she needed to carve out a space of her own in the universe. 

Instead, Kai’Sa joins K/DA after meeting Evelynn and Ahri at the Firefly Collective dance studio. She called it a new beginning as well as her new family. While they all pursue their own passion projects, Kai’Sa has found her new home with K/DA. 

This is the fourth edition of the “K/DA: Harmonies” comic. The last remaining member to receive a backstory comic is to be Ahri. Fans will most likely get her comic next week. 


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