LoL pop group K/DA releases new single THE BADDEST

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 27, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

It’s been a while since the pop group K/DA took the League of Legends community by storm with its original song POP/STARS, but now they are back with their newest single, THE BADDEST.

The release was hyped up with little teasers on Twitter during the days leading up to it. These teasers included a picture of each K/DA LoL character and what seems like a new skin or chroma line that will presumably be added to the game. The four champions are Akali, Kai’Sa, Evelynn, and Ahri. 

The new single has been advertised as a prerelease, which started speculation around a potential full album coming from the group. During the release of THE BADDEST, it was confirmed that a full EP will be “coming soon.” This means that we will get more from the popular group, but the exact release date is still unknown. 

The EP will be produced by Riot Games’ own music label and will be another step forward for Riot in the music business. While Riot is best known for making video games, the company has also gotten plenty of new fans through its music. True Damage and Pentakill are just a few music releases that have gotten a lot of attention in recent years. 

Wolftyla and Bea Miller replaces Jaira Burns and Madison Beer in K/DA

A few hours before the release of THE BADDEST, an announcement was made that Jaira Burns and Madison Beer would not be a part of K/DA for its return. Instead, recording artists Wolftyla and Bea Miller will take the spots to complete the line-up of four artists. (G)I-DLE stars Soyeon and Miyeon will still be a part of the group, representing in-game characters Akali and Ahri. 

The original group had a great success with the release of POP/STARS, which took the music world by storm after the 2018 World Championship. The hit currently has over 365 million views on YouTube, so the new release has a lot to live up to. 


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