Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat discovers Twitch moderator extorting viewers for cash

By Melany Moncada


Nov 25, 2022

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Streamer Kai Cenat has claimed that a Twitch mod for his channel has been abusing his power and extorting viewers for money.

Kai received a message from a viewer who claimed they were wrongfully banned from the channel and when they appealed, the moderator asked for money. The moderator asked the viewer to send $3 through CashApp and include their Twitch username to get unbanned. The moderator, identified as Secluded, was present in the chat just laughing at the situation.

“I don’t give a f-ck if it is a joke, I don’t give a f-ck what it is and he is not the only one. I’m genuinely not laughing. If it was so funny, then I’d wipe out all of you now. You’re representing me at the end of the day,” Kai said.

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The situation once again sparked the conversation about whether Twitch moderators should get paid or not. Kai is one of those streamers who openly opposes paying Twitch moderators. Some believe that not paying Twitch moderators is what has led to extorting viewers and general abuse of power. Others argue that not paying moderators will inevitably lead to this type of situation, especially for big streamers that cannot keep track of every comment.

“What makes you think I’ll pay? I can go to my first VOD and if I said, ‘who wants to mod?’ I bet that you’d be like ‘Me, me!’. You can’t get mad at people for not paying,” said Kai back in October.

Does Kai Cenat pay his Twitch mod team?

Moderators are considered volunteers, and as a result, many streamers including Kai Cenat do not pay their moderators.

There is an ongoing conversation about it with some big streamers openly refusing to pay their moderators. At some point, it becomes a matter of ethics and abuse of power. A streamer with tens of thousands of viewers per stream is in a privileged position where they’re just taking free labor because they can, some argue.

Kai Cenat has repeatedly stated that the does not pay people to moderate his channel or chat. Fans have drawn connections between his mods’ unpaid work and the alleged case of bribery. Kai Cenat could revisit the issue as part of this scandal, but for now, he has confirmed that he does not pay his mods.