Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat accused of stealing ideas for subathon without paying

By Olivia Richman


May 26, 2023

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Becoming one of the biggest streamers in the world overnight has come with a lot of money and fame, but also some setbacks for Kai Cenat. The controversial streamer has found himself in the middle of a lot of drama and accusations, the most recent of which claims he scammed people by using their content ideas.

On May 25, a Twitter user known as LC shared some screenshots from a Discord conversation between Kai Cenat and someone with a username Dremo.

Said LC: “Dremo and Kai Cenat scammed me, lemme explain. I was given the opportunity to work with Kai by Dremo which I accepted and he made a Discord with other people that was part of the idea group. [We] made a Google Sheet [and they] made us write 100+ ideas on it and promise us $150+ each for each idea.”

In the screenshots, Dremo claimed that he was putting together a team to come up with ideas for Kai Cenat’s life-changing, record-breaking subathon. He added that he’d discuss payment with Kai Cenat, but later multiple content creators questioned when they would get paid.

Dremo responded: “Bro, that n— is not paying. Y’all needa move on.”

LC accused Dremo of not taking care of this as the individual leading the creative team. But Dremo admitted that Kai Cenat didn’t pay him either. So much for being on track to make millions a year.


Kai Cenat replies to scam accusations

The Twitter thread started popping off on social media, catching Kai Cenat’s attention. The young influencer reacted to the situation on a livestream, claiming to not know any of it was happening.

According to Cenat, he was not aware of Dremo putting together a creative team. He also never used any of the ideas from the Google Sheet, he added.

“On everything I love, I know I haven’t used any ideas,” Kai Cenat told his fans.

He was especially frustrated when he saw Dremo claim that he was not paying anyone on the team. He swore that he was not even aware of LC or the other participants and didn’t even use the ideas. But Cenat still said he feels bad for LC and the others involved.

“If y’all put work in, I’ll make sure y’all good,” Cenat said, stating that he would look into the situation.

But on Twitter, LC claimed that Cenat used “many” of the ideas on the sheet. He shared a screenshot of the Google Sheet, showing that some of the concepts had been highlighted green.

Despite the screenshot, a lot of people were skeptical of Cenat’s involvement with the scam. A lot of people pointed out that the real culprit seems to be Dremo, the ringleader who claimed to be 17 and making $3.5 million a year. He was the one who gathered the ideas but never came through with the payment or communication with Cenat.

At this time, Dremo has not responded to the accusations.

While Cenat has been involved in a lot of unfavorable situations and has been caught doing some wildly inappropriate things, it seems like the streaming community is skeptical that he actually scammed the creative team. At least not on purpose.


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