K/DA releases first EP with a total of five songs

Reading time: 2 min

The wait has been long but the virtual League of Legends pop group K/DA has finally released its first EP. 

All the songs from the EP ALL OUT are now available on Spotify and Apple Music. Fans have already been able to listen to THE BADDEST, which was released prior to the 2020 World Championship at the end of August. The second song of the album MORE was released at the end of October, right before the Worlds final where K/DA made a live performance together with the new champion Seraphine.

Before the EP release, K/DA released a roadmap including three other dates to keep an eye on. The songs VILLAIN, DRUM GO DUM, and I’LL SHOW YOU all have a spot on the roadmap, but it’s still unknown what will be presented on the dates. 

It’s likely that separate music or lyrics videos of some kind will be released for the songs on those days since the songs are already available through the EP. 

The three new songs have features such as Madison Beer, Kim Petras, Bekuh Boom, Aluna, the K-pop group TWICE, and others. Riot and K/DA once again show that their music brand continues to grow on a global basis and attract fans outside of the League of Legends universe. 

THE BADDEST has been the biggest success so far with over 31 million views on YouTube. MORE is right behind though with its current 30 million views and is likely to take over in view count very soon. MORE came with an animated music video, which fans had been craving for ever since K/DA’s debut single POP/STARS in 2018. 

The next release from K/DA is on November 13 according to the roadmap.