K/DA releases ALL OUT merch, including hoodies and t-shirts

By Olivia Richman


Nov 22, 2020

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K/DA’s new song, “ALL OUT,” has been a huge hit with League of Legends fans. 

K/DA, a fictional female pop band made up of League of Legends champions, debuted its new EP at Worlds 2020. The heavily celebrated smash hit received a skin line soon after, including a skin for new champion Seraphine. Kai’Sa received a skin with a prestige edition, which was available for purchase for 2000 Worlds tokens. 

But that’s not the only means available to fans who want to celebrate their K/DA fandom. 

K/DA ALL OUT merchandise collection announced by Riot

League of Legends fans can now wear their own “ALL OUT” inspired outfits, too. A new merchandise collection was announced earlier today, featuring 11 clothing items. 

The clothing line includes hoodies and t-shirts starring each of the group’s members. Depending on the champion fans choose, the clothing designs will have a variety of color schemes and images. For example, an Ahri hoodie is bubblegum pink, while Akali’s version of that same hoodie design is blood red. Kai’Sa’s is a minty blue and Evenlynn’s is deep purple. The hoodies are $65 each. 

They each have a t-shirt with them posing on the front, with their name and signature on it as well. The t-shirts are $35, making them a more affordable alternative. 

There’s also black K/DA hoodies featuring each band members’ signature. A long-sleeved white shirt also boasts the entire collection of signatures. 

KDA white shirt

K/DA’s debut EP dropped November 6. It included five tracks, like “THE BADDEST” and “MORE.” The album boasted mainstream artists like Madison Beer and K-Pop group Twice. It’s available on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. 

What does K/DA stand for? 

K/DA is a clever play on words that simply stands for “kills, deaths, and assists.” This plays on the members being League of Legends champions. K/DA is an in-game term that is often used to showcase a player’s “kill-death ratio.” The average League of Legends player has a 2-4.5 KDA. 

Who is the leader of K/DA?

K/DA’s leader is Ahri. The nine-tailed fox mage is K/DA’s co-founder and main vocalist. The group’s other co-founder is Evelynn, an assassin who also supplies lead vocals for the group. Akali is the group’s main rapper. Each member of K/DA plays an important part in the group, similar to how each member of a K-Pop group has their own style and role. 


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