Junker Queen abilities

Junker Queen abilities will shake up the Overwatch 2 meta

By Olivia Richman


Jun 21, 2022

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Overwatch 2 fans have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Junker Queen and were recently told she would be playable in the upcoming Overwatch 2 PvP beta on June 28.

Now, the official Overwatch Twitter account has shared some exciting information about the new hero. Junker Queen is a tank that is designed specifically for the game’s new aggressive meta, which revolves around one-tank teams of five. Here is what that looks like ahead of the Overwatch 2 beta later this month.

Junker Queen abilities revealed ahead of Overwatch 2 beta

Junker Queen’s kit is all about allowing her team to aggressively push forward, providing health to DPS players leading the charge and supporting with some attacks of her own.

Junker Queen will have a pump-action shotgun called the Scattergun. Since it’s a shotgun, Junker Queen will most likely need to be up close and personal to dish out damage. She also has a passive that allows her quick melee attack to wound enemies, dealing damage over time. This is another incentive to get right up to the other team in an attempt to overwhelm them.

Jagged Blade’s active allows you to throw the sharp weapon at enemies. She can also reactivate the blade to return it to her hand.

Commanding Shout increases Junker Queen’s health by 200 and also grants an extra 100 health to nearby teammates. Movement speed is also increased by 30%. This is pretty similar to Brigitte’s Rally ability, although specifics will be revealed later that set it apart.

Carnage lets Junker Queen swing an axe, wounding enemies in front of you. Much like her blade, her axe will deal damage over time. All of these wound abilities won’t work as well on another Junker Queen, since her passive, Adrenaline Rush, heals wound damage over time.

Then there’s Rampage, Junker Queen’s ultimate. Junker Queen charges forward, wounding enemies in her path. They not only lose health over time but also become unable to heal. This means that other support heroes won’t be able to bring up their health during combat, causing heavily damaged teams to retreat.

Overwatch 2 fans can sign up for the second beta here. This will be their first chance to try out Junker Queen and see how she fits into the meta.


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