Jinny stalked for hours while streaming Waddlethon

By Olivia Richman


Apr 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

South Korean streamer Yoo “Jinny” Yoonjin was live streaming her travel experience when she ended up realizing she was being stalked.

Jinny has been traveling around Taiwan as part of her Waddlethon. Her goal is to walk through the entire country, and she aimed to make it around 20 kilometers on April 24. Unfortunately, the Waddlethon was interrupted when she noticed a creepy man in all black trailing behind her.

Every time that Jinny would stop, she would notice the man standing off in the distance. At one point he even appeared to be trying to hide behind a bush. During her stream, Jinny showed her followers the man standing on the side of the road amongst some brush. When asked if she knew the guy, Jinny emphatically said no.

“He doesn’t even come and say hi. He doesn’t even talk to me. He just, like, follows. Look, he’s just there,” she said to her fans as cars sped by. “It’s so weird. It’s so f—ing weird.”

Jinny calls police on stalker

After four hours, Jinny became too concerned about the man to let him keep following her around. She called the police and begged them to tell the man to stop following her. The police also asked the man to reveal his face, which was entirely covered at the time.

According to her followers, the police also offered Jinny a ride.

While chatting with her viewers, Jinny explained that she was getting anxious over his face being covered. This made it seem like he “wanted to do something bad and get away with it.” Luckily the police officers were “helpful” and left her feeling a lot of relief.

Despite the concerning situation, Jinny said she will be continuing her Waddlethon. In the past, Jinny has also had her phone stolen and hurt her leg after falling into a hole. Other streamers have also been harassed and even attacked while out in public.