ExtraEmily reacts to racist encounter during public livestream

By Olivia Richman


Nov 14, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

Twitch streamer Emily “ExtraEmily” Zhang recently dealt with racism that had her community angry.

ExtraEmily was streaming in McDonald’s when a stranger appeared and started making offensive comments about her race. At first, the streamer was just enjoying a milkshake with viewers but was interrupted when a woman popped up behind her.

“Hi fans! We’re here from California! I’m on some Chinese, Japanese, I don’t know — Some type of s—. But yay, I’m from California!” the woman exclaimed loudly.

ExtraEmily seemed taken off guard and said “very cool” to the random woman. But she looked a bit uncomfortable after the encounter.

Twitch community condemns woman on ExtraEmily’s stream

As the clip started to spread online, the streaming community became frustrated for ExtraEmily. Many found it rude that she interrupted in general, while others felt that her comments were racist.

It seemed like the woman may have been annoyed that ExtraEmily was live streaming in a public place. But the choice of words didn’t sit well with many people. Making comments about ExtraEmily’s ethnicity left some offended.

ExtraEmily said that it was her first encounter with a racist. Clearly uncomfortable, the streamer decided to leave McDonald’s.

She isn’t the first IRL streamer to encounter racism, unfortunately. Some streamers have even faced racism from their own viewers. Many female streamers who broadcast in public places have also been harassed and attacked.

Who is ExtraEmily?

ExtraEmily currently has over 104,000 followers on Twitch where she often streams party games and her travel adventures. Her most recent stream had her in New York City, which is where the awkward encounter took place. The speedrunner and social media influencer has continued to grow on Twitch thanks to her bubbly personality.