Prankster JiDion

JiDion asks police for a thumbnail while getting arrested live

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Popular prankster Jidon “JiDion” Adams was arrested in Houston for criminal trespassing while driving in his car, but he made sure he got plenty of content out of the arrest before heading to jail.

JiDion is popular for his daring and authentic pranks that often go unnoticed by a mainstream audience. But his recent collaboration with “damii” has earned him a slap on the wrist and a lot of public attention. The YouTuber was detained for criminal trespassing in Harris County for a prank video shot at a university. JiDion could have prevented the arrest but he didn’t, for the content’s sake. 

During his Instagram Live, JiDion mentioned that he was anticipating being pulled over by a police officer, as he had already been pulled over multiple times that week. However, this time the police officer cuffed him in front of over 25K viewers. 

JiDion could have avoided the arrest, as the warrant had been out for weeks. However, the prankster purposefully didn’t pay it off so he could create content for his channel, which ended up working in his favor.

When the officer pulled him out of the car, JiDion requested him to get a few thumbnails for the video with cuffs on. He also asked his manager to get a lawyer and sort his arrest out since he had created plenty of content by then.

Why was JiDion arrested? 

JiDion outside Houston police department

JiDion knew of the arrest warrant against him in Harris County for days, if not weeks. He also knew the reason behind the warrant. The YouTuber was on the police’s radar for his prank video with Dami, in which he helps a fellow prankster propose to a teacher. 

The video titled My College Professor Rejected Me! FT. JiDion featured the two making a teacher visibly uncomfortable and eventually threaten to call security. JiDion wasn’t the main prankster in the video, but he played a part, which led to a warrant for criminal trespassing against him.

JiDion has now been released, according to his Instagram story, but that’s all fans know for now. The YouTuber has yet to reveal more about the public arrest. However, it’s worth highlighting that this isn’t JiDion’s first rodeo. He has been collared before for putting up a painting of himself in the Louvre. So that should explain why he was so calm about the arrest.