JeffTheMVP accuses Xtra Gaming of hiding sexual assault story

Olivia Richman • November 16, 2021 9:43 pm

Fortnite pro player JeffTheMVP has come forward with a sexual assault story that his organization, Xtra Gaming, has allegedly attempted to cover up.

JeffTheMVP shared a TwitLonger that revealed his emotional experience. According to JeffTheMVP, he and a friend were drugged and then sexually assaulted by SirCarter and ThatsSoRaffy, two TikTok content creators. The assault happened in August and JeffTheMVP said that it’s been eating away at him ever since.

In the TwitLonger, JeffTheMVP said they had gone to the content creators’ house initially to try and make connections in the industry.

“I woke him up in distress because I felt violated and was naked. We quietly left and both of us were in shock. We both were violated and our minds were all over the place. I didn’t want to tell my mom or my sister because they were not comfortable about us going to LA in the first place,” JeffTheMVP said. “I had no idea anything like this would happen. I would’ve never put myself in that position. We were manipulated.”

Xtra Gaming leaves esports scene after JeffTheMVP comes forward

In his TwitLonger, JeffTheMVP accused the Xtra Gaming esports organization of not being supportive during the traumatic situation. The Fortnite player said that his team made him feel wrong for wanting to go public with his experience.

“They said that I would have to leave the team if I wanted to talk about this publicly,” JeffTheMVP said. “They said it would look bad on their brand. My friend and I both got scolded and made to feel like it was our fault by the owner of the team”

After the allegations went public on Twitter, Xtra Gaming’s members announced that they were leaving the team. Founder and CEO Manny “Sly” Vietes said he was stepping down as well. Sly said that he took ownership of the situation and that he was “deeply sorry” to the players who were impacted by the situation and Xtra Gaming’s “insensitive” response.

Xtra Gaming lost Razer as a sponsor soon after the situation came to light. The esports organization deleted its Twitter and Instagram accounts. Its website is also down.

Meanwhile, JeffTheMVP thanked the esports community for supporting him after coming forward. His story inspired others to share their own experiences with the content creators, prompting JeffTheMVP to share their stories and demand justice.

JeffTheMVP has already signed with another esports organization but that team has not yet been revealed.


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