Jake Paul claims Floyd Mayweather wanted to have him killed over hat

By Steven Rondina


Sep 10, 2021

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The Jake Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather beef isn’t over.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer appeared on the FULL SEND podcast on Wednesday to discuss a variety of topics related to combat sports. Among them was his scuffle with Mayweather earlier this year. Though Paul didn’t discuss it in depth and didn’t even seem certain himself, he stated that the 50-0 boxer was looking to arrange his death in the spring.

“He was trying to get me killed behind the scenes, for sure. He was calling, like, ‘the gangsters,’ because we were in Miami at the time. He was, like, calling the ‘street people,’ because my security is tapped into the street people,” Paul said while air-quoting.

Paul says that his security detail in Miami warned him that Mayweather was looking to have him killed around that time due to an incident ahead of Mayweather’s exhibition match with his brother, Logan Paul. Following a press event to promote the match, Jake Paul got into a scuffle with Mayweather and his entourage where he famously snatched Mayweather’s hat while exclaiming “got your hat” only to be quickly grabbed and roughed up by the boxer’s bodyguards.

Though it was a childish display from Paul, the incident left Mayweather very angry. Footage captured after showed Mayweather scuffling with Paul before storming his way through the backstage area saying he was going to kill the YouTuber.


Despite the heated moment, nothing else happened between the two publicly after that.

Though Paul’s allegations are serious, there’s cause to doubt his sincerity as he has been caught overblowing various things during his combat sports endeavors in order to increase his credibility. The biggest example of this was when he said he has “gotten brain scans and has early signs of CTE.” There are no brain scans that are able to detect early signs of CTE.

Is Jake Paul boxing Floyd Mayweather?

Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather are not scheduled to box one another at this time. That said, there is a chance they could come to terms on a match.

Mayweather’s match with Logan Paul reportedly cleared 1 million buys, which is a solid success. A match with Jake would likely do just as well, and possibly better.

Jake Paul is currently coming off a split decision victory over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. Though the victory wasn’t as emphatic as his first-round knockout win over Ben Askren, it is still a good feather to add to his cap.

Neither Mayweather nor Paul have another fight lined up, though it’s likely that both want to get back in the ring again for a blockbuster matchup. Given the size difference, this match would have to be an exhibition but if there’s money to be made both men would likely be willing to commit to it.


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