IWillDominate to co-stream LCS after League Partner ban lifted

By Olivia Richman


Feb 5, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends streamer and former pro player Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera is allowed to co-stream the LCS again. 

“Really thankful that I can resume the co-streams and excited to move forward together with Riot and the LCS into the 2021 season,” IWillDominate tweeted to his excited fans. 

IWillDominate noted that he will resume co-streaming the LCS on Friday. 

This is big news for fans of IWillDominate. The streamer was removed from the League Partnership Program in July 2020, which meant he was not allowed to co-stream anything related to the LCS or LCS Academy games for the duration of those seven months. 

The former Team Liquid pro received a message from the LPP that he was on probation due to comments IWillDominate made that Riot felt didn’t align “with current values of the LPP or Summoner’s Code.” The original message said that the League Partnership Program would evaluate the decision in July 2021, so it seems that IWillDominate was given back his privileges early. 

Why was IWillDominate banned from the League Partnership Program?

Around the time of his suspension, IWillDominate told his viewers that he was not sure why he was being removed. But the controversial streamer was under fire for sexist comments he had made just a few days earlier. That could have been the final straw for the LPP, who probably saw a pattern emerging in his behavior. 

IWillDominate had told a woman on his League of Legends team that her poor in-game performance was due to her “doing her nails.” When he was called out for this comment, IWillDominate claimed that he would say that comment to anyone regardless of gender.

The response didn’t sit right with Emily, the female streamer he had directed the insult at. She said that the insult was “rooted in sexism” no matter the gender of the person IWillDominate said it to, since it implied that doing something “girly” was a negative thing and could play a role in losing.

Despite the drama, Cloud9 signed IWillDominate as a content creator in August 2019, and he will now be able to add his co-streaming numbers to the organization’s combined viewership reach.