IWillDominate loses LPP status, can’t co-stream on Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Jul 24, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Popular League of Legends streamer Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera has been removed from Riot’s League of Legends Partner Program

IWillDominate reveived a message from LPP stating that he’s now on probation from the League Partner Program due to some of his recent comments not aligning “with the current values of the LPP or Summoner’s Code.” 

That resulted in him being removed from the LPP Discord, no longer having access to League Unlocked, and no longer having the associated support for his Riot Games accounts. He will also no longer be eligible to co-stream LCS games. Riot noted that IWillDominate is now prohibited from being a guest on channels that are co-streaming the LCS until the end of the 2020 season. 

“In June 2021, we will enable a review of your behavior and content to assess if reinstatement of these privileges in possible,” the email to IWillDominate said. 

IWillDominate removed from LPP

IWillDominate shared the email during a live stream, telling his followers he’s not sure why he received the message. 

“I’m trying to talk to them, explain that this is something I’ve changed all my content around, something I love doing. Something I am passioante about,” he said. 

Why was IWillDominate removed from the LPP? 

Although IWillDominate claims he’s unsure why Riot removed him from the LPP, many in the League of Legends community are not surprised.

IWillDominate has long been known as a toxic streamer. He was recently called out for saying sexist things to a woman on his team, blaming her poor gameplay on her being sidetracked over “doing her nails.” 

The two got in a heated exchange on Twitter. IWillDominate claimed that he didn’t know she was “female.” 

“I say ‘doing nails’ to everyone as a funny way to say they are afk in lane,” he claimed. 

League of Legends streamer Emily wasn’t having it. She said that the comment was “rooted in sexism” whether it was directed at a woman or man in chat. But IWillDominate continued to defend the statement.

IWillDominate sexism

The League of Legends Partner Program page outlines what it takes for a content creator to be considered for the LPP, including viewership and consistent League of Legends content. While it doesn’t mention anything about the partner’s actions taken within the League of Legends community, it does state that applications are “subject to review by regional team.” It also notes that the partner’s account has to be in “good standing.” 

While IWillDominate is currently in the clear when it comes to those requirements, the popular streamer has been banned from competitive play multiple times for flaming and being toxic in-game. 

Similarly controversial League of Legends personality Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp was also recently dropped from the LPP. He was banned just one hour after standing up for Hai “Hai” Du Lam, another League of Legends streamer, who was put on probation from the LPP for three months. 

“My account just lost LPP,” Tyler1 told his fans in June. “I just got chat restricted on this account.” 

“We like to periodically check in with our LPP members,” a message from the LPP to Hai states, “and over the past few weeks we have noticed that your honor level and player behavior hasn’t been in accordance with our LPP guidelines of maintaining a positive standing and at least honor level 2.” 

Despite the involved League of Legends content creators being popular within the community, it seems that Riot isn’t afraid of removing them as official partners if they see fit.


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