IWillDominate and Tyler1 feud escalates with harsh insults

By Olivia Richman


May 17, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

One of the most popular streaming beefs is between Fortnite superstars Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Turner “Tfue” Tenney. The two can never seem to agree on anything related to Epic’s battle royale, with Ninja always saying Tfue is too negative while Tfue labels Ninja as a suckup. 

That beef is downright wholesome compared to the ongoing feud between League of Legends streamers Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera and Tyler” Tyler1″ Steinkamp. 

IWillDominate currently streams for Team Liquid. He’s one of the most popular League of Legends streamers, but one of the only content creators with more followers than him is Tyler1, who happens to not like him at all. But how did this all come to be? 

IWillDominate and Tyler1 continue to clash on Twitch

In March, IWillDominate made a public statement confirming his relationship with Katerino, a streamer who was cheating on her boyfriend with two streamers, CallMeCarson and Fitz. He claimed he wasn’t aware of this drama before the relationship began.

“I don’t usually talk about girls I’m with. I feel it’s not your guys’ business. I don’t really want to talk about it,” he said, admitting they saw each other around 10 times before he found out the truth. 

Around that same time, a viewer asked IWillDominate in Twitch chat if he was friendly with Tyler1, since they used to be friends. He told them “absolutely not,” saying that Tyler1 has continued to “publicly slander” him. 

“Why would I be friends with someobdy like that? That would not make sense,” IWillDominate continued. “Somebody goes live, publicly slanders you multiple times, lies, you play Twitch Rivals aginst them, the game you win against them they just permanently shit talk you, gets their community to shit on you permanently…Why would I be friends with someone like that?” he ranted. 

Tyler1 responded to IWillDominate’s claim, saying that he “had to be trolling.” 

“I don’t even know what to say. He cannot be serious,” Tyler1 continued. “It’s like when I shit talk in all chat, Dom. I don’t hate you. I’m not publicly slandering you, idiot. You absolute idiot. You don’t need to get triggered.” 

According to Tyler1, he often “shit talks” with other streamers, too, and they just banter right back. 

But IWillDominate is taking it a lot more personal. In a recent stream, IWillDominate called Tyler1 a “cancer human being” for not defending him during the whole cheating scandal. Instead, he claimed Tyler1 was one of the people to “continue shitting on” him about the entire situation. 

“He wasn’t bantering,” IWillDominate said. “That’s like some weird thing Tyler1 says. They just say everything is banter when they’re actually frustrated and they’re like shit talking people. That’s not actually how banter works.” 

As a result of the situation with Katerino, IWillDominate was on a lot of “hate threads” on Reddit. Instead of defending him on those threads, IWillDominate stated that Tyler1 “just continued to shit on me.” 

“So yeah, fuck that guy. Literally just fuck him forever. He’s actually just a cancer human being. He’s cancer to play with in the game and just cancer to deal with in general,” IWillDominate concluded. 

Since Tyler1 is a magnet for drama and loves to “banter” with other streamers, it’s more than likely the boisterous personality will have something to say about IWillDominate’s latest burn. 


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