Former RollPlay streamer Kaitlyn says itmeJP sent her porn

By Olivia Richman


Sep 13, 2021

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Former RollPlay member Kaitlyn is once again calling out StarCraft content creator John Paul “itmeJP” McDaniel for sending unsolicited pornography to her.

In 2020, Kaitlyn took to Twitter to accuse itmeJP of assaulting and abusing her. At the time, Kaitlyn claimed that itmeJP had a cease and desist oder on her that would not allow her to discuss her experiences with RollPlay on Twitch. itmeJP responded with a long blog on Medium addressing the accusations.

“I’m aware that there have been allegations of abuse, physical assault, and grooming, most recently in Kaitlyn’s tweets from Sunday. There have also been allegations (in her screenshot DMs with our friend Geoff) that Kaitlyn had informed me of a situation involving another member of RollPlay. These are all extremely serious allegations and did not involve me, which is why I want to be clear about my position,” itmeJP wrote at the time.

itmeJP then explained that he has tried to improve RollPlay since Kaitlyn’s time there, implementing contracts and business practices.

“I’ve apologized to Kaitlyn privately, and for almost a year and a half, in an effort to keep improving and learning, I’ve been in therapy to work on managing overall anxiety, stress, and anger. It’s been a tremendous help in shifting my perspective on things,” itmeJP said.

Now, Kaitlyn has decided to discuss the situation once again, writing a long Twitter thread for her followers in whic hshe went into further detail.

Kaitlyn accuses RollPlay members of assault, harassment

On September 11, Kaitlyn shared a series of photos on Twitter. She circled all of the bullet points that related to her personal experience at RollPlay, including her being exploited financially, her needing people’s permission to make her own decisions, her being punished for certain behaviors, her being forbidden from speaking to certain people, and gaslighting.

Kaitlyn then explained how each bullet point was applied, pointing out instances within RollPlay that correlated with the traditional signs of a cult.

“Members of RollPlay were not allowed to work with ex-communicated members, specifically a certain DM. Many members were going to join a show with that DM then when he caught wind of it they mysteriously stopped responding. He personally hate messaged me about them multiple times,” Kaitlyn recalled.

Kaitlyn also revealed that RollPlay would tell her that those kicked from the grouping were “doing poorly,” allegedly conditioning her to think she would “be nothing” without RollPlay. She admitted that she felt her streaming career and life would be over if she was booted from RollPlay.

Kaitlyn also accused itmeJP of sending her porn. She explained that itmeJP claimed to this day that he had not done it despite her still having screenshots of conversation that show proof of him sending porn. Kaitlyn explained that she was told it was her fault for her “not telling him sending me porn was damaging my relationship and was inappropriate from a boss.”

Kaityln then showed screenshots of itmeJP stating that he felt they could have sexual conversations because they often had personal chats. He also said the sexual talks were “meant in jest.” From Kaitlyn’s point of view, it seemed as though itmeJP was blaming Kaitlyn’s behavior on his decision to send her inappropriate messages.

After sharing her experience, Kaitlyn apologized for still feeling upset about her experience at RollPlay. Many followers told her not to feel sorry and even applauded her for coming forward with more details of her story. Past RollPlay content creators also shared their experiences over the past few years, feeling conflicted about their time with the group.

Others brought up that itmeJP has been accused of harassment and inappropriate behavior during his StarCraft career. itmeJP has not publicly addressed Kaitlyn’s latest allegations.


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