IShowSpeed attacked at FA Cup final match in London

By Olivia Richman


Jun 3, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

YouTuber Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins is no stranger to drama, but it reached an entirely new level when he was attacked at the FA Cup in London.

IShowSpeed has been creating content while watching the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium in London. But during the final match between Manchester City and Manchester United, an audience member sitting near the controversial streamer decided to attack him.

The entire incident was caught on stream, of course.

What happened to IShowSpeed?

In the viral clip, IShowSpeed was streaming when another football fan in the crowds appeared to turn around and punch him in the arm for apparently no reason. IShowSpeed appeared quite shocked at the sudden attack, but his bodyguard immediately stepped forward between the streamer and the other guy, pushing him back.

“Why did he just f—ing punch me, bro? Why did you put your hands on me, bro? I didn’t even touch him,” IShowSpeed said to his fans after regaining composure.

Meanwhile, the man was surrounded by security, who appeared to be questioning what happened to cause the sudden attack. It’s unclear if the man got in trouble for the assault.

This isn’t the first time that IShowSpeed has run into trouble at a sporting event. At the end of last year, the streamer was under fire for a racist interaction at the World Cup. At the time, a clip started spreading where IShowSpeed appeared to be mocking a Chinese fan.

Is IShowSpeed banned on Twitch?

IShowSpeed was permanently banned from Twitch for consistently making sexist remarks while playing Valorant and harassing women on other streamers’ livestreamed shows. He was also temporarily suspended from YouTube for streaming the Best FIFA Football Awards 2022 due to copyright violations.