Is your trash CSGO skin secretly expensive? Here’s how to check

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Is there an expensive skin hidden in your blue-rarity trash? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players can find out with this tip.

CSGO skins are commonly known for being expensive, but the vast majority of them are surprisingly cheap. From blues in recent cases to unattractive map skins, there are a ton of skins that aren’t worth much more than an empty inventory slot. But diligent players can sometimes discover a surprisingly pricy skin hidden in their collection. Here’s how to check if you own an expensive skin and don’t even realize it in CSGO.

First, it’s important to understand why certain common skins can still be expensive. It all comes down to the traits you can’t see right on the inventory menu. Many CSGO skins have two traits that can vary from gun to gun. The float value determines exactly how much wear is present on the skin. A pattern number indicates the exact appearance of the skins regardless of wear. All skins have floats while only some have coded patterns.

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CSGO skins that are the highest or lowest float of their particular type are often several times more expensive than the normal Steam market price. In the example above, a skin that usually costs under two dollars is on the market for well over $400. The most obvious examples are delicate skins like Crimson Webs and Ultraviolets, but ultra-low floats appear for every skin. Certain patterns can also sell for much more than the normal asking price.

How to see if you own an expensive CSGO skin

To see if you own a hidden gem in CSGO, head to your inventory, and examine each skin. Be sure to check the float value by hovering over the small information The numbers to look for are either extremely low or extremely high. For lows, look for multiple zeroes before any numbers. As for high floats, remember that skins can have different maximum and minimum float values. Even the cleanest AWP | Asiimov is only field-tested.

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Skins that have randomized patterns can also be worth a pretty penny, and that isn’t exclusive to knives or Case-Hardeneds. Skins like the AWP | Electric Hive and Glock | Grinder have visible sections of the pattern that are unique to every skin. Combined with the right float value, a special pattern can increase a skin’s price.

If you find something special, it’s now time to start the difficult task of finding a fair price. The easiest method is to check third-party skin stores and databases like CSGOFloat. Search your particular skin or pattern and see if there are any recorded sales. Most special float values and patterns are traded outside of the Steam Community Market by collectors, so getting an actual sale can take some time.


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