Upgrade your pistol rounds with the best cheap CSGO skins

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 14, 2022

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A great cheap pistol skin can start any Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match off right.

Gloves and knives are extremely coveted because CSGO players are guaranteed to see them all the time. That also applies to pistols, which are visible at every half switch and respawn. Players with snazzy cosmetics get to show them off all the time without breaking the bank. As a gun skin, Glocks, USPs, and P2000s can also have StatTrak™ counters which are perfect for showing off pistol prowess. Here are five pistol skins worth adding to your inventory.

Minimal Wear USP-S | Purple DDPAT

The CSGO community loves DDPAT skins, and Valve definitely delivered with the 2021 Mirage collection. The purple version of the silenced CT pistol takes a realistic pattern and injects a heavy dose of color to create an eye-catching look. The Minimal Wear version comes with a few blemishes, but DDPAT skins look better with a little wear and tear anyway. 

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Picking up a Minimal Wear USP-S | Purple DDPAT will cost just under $5, making it the priciest option on this list. In fact, the cost of this skin is likely to rise due to the end of Operation Riptide. All the Purple DDPATs that will ever exist have already been unboxed. If you treat CSGO skins as investments, consider springing for a Souvenir Factory New at $8.46.

StatTrak™ Glock-18 | Grinder (Minimal Wear)

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The cheapest StatTrak™ Minimal Wear Grinder on the market is currently just $4.72. If you’re willing to drop the kill counter, a Factory New vanilla Grinder costs just $1.73. That makes the Glock Grinder one of the best cheap CSGO pistol skins in the game. Make sure to inspect each one in-game to find a pattern you love.

Factory New P2000 | Scorpion

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It’s one of a few skins where the Factory New version is actually cheaper than dirtier examples due to a very high float floor. A clean example costs just $3.50 from the Steam community market. Minimal Wear shoots up to over $6. Stick with the FN and spend the extra cash on sprucing up your T-side choice.

StatTrak™ Battle-Scarred USP-S | Lead Conduit

This particular USP skin looks better the less you spend on it. The Battle-Scarred version darkens the color palette everywhere except for the etching on the silencer. This makes the prettiest part of the skin stand out even more compared to the higher-quality versions.

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This is the absolute cheapest CSGO pistol skin on this list at just 38 cents. The opportunity cost for picking this up is approximately one-and-a-half gumballs. Slapping a StatTrak™ counter on costs just $1.70. The Wildfire collection is pretty inexpensive overall thanks to the buffs to the M4A1-S, so grab this one while it’s cheap.

Factory New Glock-18 | Sacrifice

A tribute to CSGO history is the final pick on our list of great cheap CSGO pistol skins. The Sacrifice released in the CS20 case, a weapon collection designed to show off iconic moments in Counter-Strike history. This particular Glock skin pays tribute to Olofmeister’s iconic burning defuse at ESL One Cologne 2014.

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Due to the relative recency of the CS20 case, this Glock skin is the cheapest choice on this list at just $1.44 for Factory New. For the especially frugal, going down to Minimal Wear knocks more than a dollar off the asking price.

If you ever find yourself protecting Overpass B site, be sure to glance at the commemorative graffiti for a confidence boost.


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