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xQc could be the next streamer to buy Valorant team

By Olivia Richman


Mar 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Felix “xQc” Lengyel may be the latest Twitch star to get an esports organization.

The esports industry has been a bit shaky, with esports orgs letting go of employees left and right, but that hasn’t stopped influencers from jumping in with their own esports endeavors. First, it was Charles “MoistCr1tiKaL” White’s Moist Esports org — now it looks like former Overwatch League pro-xQc is looking to diversify his portfolio with an esports team.

xQc has spent time as a pro player, although that time was a bit rocky. He then became one of the most successful streamers in history. Now, the Juicer is looking at getting into Valorant by signing his own team.

Is xQc signing a Valorant team?

xQc MasterChef

This is actually something that xQc has been talking about for quite some time. Now, chat logs have revealed that xQc is taking this thought a lot more seriously.

xQc recently opened up about the idea on stream, claiming he almost got scammed when he previously tried to buy a Valorant roster. Now, however, xQc has possibly figured it all out. He’s not only buying a Valorant team but has also claimed he’s planning to purchase a Rocket League team to compete in the LFL and a League of Legends team in France.

While esports organizations have been struggling, xQc said that he’s not looking to create an org and is instead just buying teams. He said in chat that esports teams backed by content creators are profitable.

xQc wouldn’t be the first content creator to purchase an esports team. Moist Esports recently purchased a Valorant roster for $500,000. While Moist and co-owner Ludwig Ahgren have joked about esports being a huge waste of money, it seems like a lot of streamers have still taken an interest in jumping into the industry.