Is this Lee Sin kick interaction a bug? Jarvan IV players hope so

By Nicholas James


Sep 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The latest potential Lee Sin bug raising the eyebrows of players is a wild interaction with Jarvan IV.

Riot Games’ premiere MOBA is no stranger to unusual combinations that can seem to defy logic. This latest suspect interaction can turn a Jarvan’s typical escape plan into a deadly mistake. After it was seen in a pro match, many fans’ eyebrows are raised.

Lee Sin’s ultimate, “Dragon’s Rage,” is one of the strongest displacement tools in the game. With the ability to buffer Flash to change the direction of the kick, it’s a powerful ability. When used by the best of the best, it’s can be game-changing.

The key part of his ultimate in this interaction is knocking other enemy champions airborne when his kick’s target passes through them.

Jarvan combo comes up short versus Lee Sin

The other piece of this equation is Jarvan’s basic E+Q combo. Jarvan places down a Demacian Standard with E and then throws out his lance with Q to drag himself to the flag’s location. However, when the dash is timed perfectly in sync with Lee Sin’s ultimate, something strange occurs.

Jarvan continues along his original path and ignores the kick’s directional input, but still knocks up his allies as though the Dragon’s Rage had resolved properly.

This appeared in the LCS Proving Grounds tournament, a showcase for amateur and semi-pro talent to strengthen the North American region’s native talent pool. Immediately fans were bewildered and what they had just watched.

During the game, Tae-ho “RoseThorn” Kim uses Lee Sin’s ultimate on the enemy Jarvan, who manages to begin his dash just milliseconds before RoseThorn’s kick goes off. As a result, Jarvan drags himself to his flag, unaffected by the kick’s displacement. However, as he passes over his friendly Vayne and Sett, Jarvan damages and knocks them both up as though he were being knocked away by Dragon’s Rage. As a result, Sett dies and the team fight is left beyond repair for his squad.

Be mindful of this possible interaction if you’re playing either side of the matchup. Both Jarvan and Lee Sin are popular junglers, and this combo stands to make a bad matchup even worse for Jarvan.


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