Fortnite movie

Is there going to be a Fortnite movie?

By Olivia Richman


Jul 23, 2023

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A well known director has taken notice of Fortnite, admitting that it could be explored in a movie.

Fast X director Louis Leterrier recently attended the director’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con and was asked about his thoughts on a Fortnite movie. Leterrier replaced Justin Lin on Fast X and is also going to be directing the 2025 sequel, which is sure to be more over the top than ever before. He also worked on The Incredible Hulk and other action films that are all about explosions and insane scenarios.

Due to his background in wild action films, Leterrier seemed like the perfect fit for a video game adaptation of the chaotic and colorful battle royale.

Fast X director has eyes on Fortnite film

While speaking about future projects at the San Diego Comic-Con panel, Leterrier talked about the possibility of a Fortnite movie.

He said: “I would direct a Fortnite movie because the game is incredible. The characters… I mean there’s so much more to be told. It’d be funny. It would be full of action and everything.”

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Leterrier was definitely passionate about the concept of adapting Fortnite into a blockbuster, giving it the same action treatment that he’s given to superheroes and beyond. But so far, there’s no confirmation that we are getting a Fortnite movie any time soon.

Even still, Leterrier might want to act fast. The director has competition. Epic Games reportedly hired the producers behind Star Wars back in 2021 to work on an adaptation. Nothing seems to have ever come of it, but it’s clearly on other directors’ minds.


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