Is there a surprise Quinn VGU coming out?

By Nicholas James


Jan 17, 2022

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According to a Riot Games designer, there’s a chance for a Quinn VGU without being voted on.

Riot Games has recently published the list of possible candidates for 2023’s Visual and Gameplay Update, with Skarner, Nocturne, Shyvana, Tryndamere, and Kog’Maw being the options. Despite not being on the list, it sounds like Quinn could be getting a VGU in the future without appearing on the current poll.

Is LoL getting a Quinn VGU?

Riot Games’ lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles spoke on his approach to VGU voting in a Reddit thread about the September 2021 champion roadmap.

In this thread, Reav3 said that he tries to insert a wildcard champion into each year’s voting to see if there are surprise champions that fans really want to be reworked. Apparently, last year’s wildcard candidate was Quinn, who didn’t get much love in the vote itself. This year’s wildcard is Kog’Maw, which explains why many fans found the cute void creature to be the odd one out on 2022’s list.

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Despite Quinn not being incredibly popular with fans, Reav3 says there’s still internal interest from Riot Games’ developers to rework the Demacian scout and her eagle, Valor. Riot Games also addresses reworks that aren’t on the fan schedule, with Doctor Mundo receiving a rework recently despite not being the vote winner in the previous year.

With Riot already having its eyes on a Quinn VGU, she’s one of the forefront candidates for a modernization effort.

What would a Quinn rework in League of Legends look like?

Quinn’s look and thematic have already had a small update since her League of Legends debut thanks to Legends of Runeterra. In Riot Games’ card game, Quinn and Valor have a more modern look and pair together to harry opponents and slip past their front lines repeatedly. Legends of Runeterra’s Quinn does an excellent job of fulfilling the fantasy of a nimble scout dodging through defenses.

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Riot Games has already said that Quinn doesn’t do a good enough job to make it feel like Quinn and Valor are fighting in tandem. Instead, Quinn takes most of the focus while Valor is only seen as she uses her ult or briefly during her close-sighting skill shot.

The Quinn VGU would likely look to play up Valor’s role in Quinn’s regular gameplay and make him less of a cosmetic change. Riot hasn’t begun to work on the rework by the sounds of it, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Quinn’s name pop up in the near future when it comes to reworks.


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