Valorant practice range haunted

Is the Valorant practice range haunted by ghosts? 

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 13, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The basement in Valorant is echoing with creepy noises and sounds after patch 4.07. Is it possible that the Valorant practice range is haunted by ghosts? 

Players have noticed paranormal activity in the basement of Valorant that is often at the center of the game’s developing lore. Riot Games uses the picturesque field to deliver notes and messages for Valorant lore enthusiasts. An outdated office of Brimstone is primarily the source of these audio notes where agents interact with each other regarding the happenings in the mirror universe.

A lot has recently changed in the practice range. A brand new office has appeared that seems to belong to Cypher. But that’s not what’s bothering players. Spooky noises have led the community to believe that the Valorant practice is haunted by ghosts. 

Are there ghosts in Valorant basement? 

Don’t freak out if you’ve been hearing spooky sounds in the basements. The basement isn’t haunted by ghosts, but is undoubtedly under the hold of someone very powerful. Valorant agent 20 is gradually entering the protocol, and it’s spooking unsuspecting players. 

Brimstone and Cypher’s offices have reported that an operation has been initiated in Turkey, which may or may not have led to the abduction of five Valorant agents. Whatever the case, the upcoming Initiator has clearly breached the Valorant walls and is haunting the dark hallways of the practice range. The ominous audio cues are similar to the background noise found in Cypher’s kidnapping teaser, confirming that it is indeed the Radiant blackmailer who is responsible. 

Players are now noticing odd movements in the practice range hallways. Going beyond strange voices, many have reported something odd following them around once they’re done listening to audio notes in Brimstone’s office. Some notice that VFX appears immediately after the spooky noises. While it’s unknown what this shadow represents, it’s certainly tied to the upcoming blackmailer. 

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Valorant agents hallucinating after agent 20 teasers 

It’s not just the hallways that are resonating with creepy audio. Valorant agents have also reported nightmares and paranormal activities in their daily lives. In a message to Brimstone, Phoenix mentions flickering lights, cold door handles, and other odd happenings. 

The dossiers and kit indicated that the Bounty Hunter might be a tech-savvy spy, but recent teasers suggest the opposite. It won’t be a surprise if Bounty Hunter doesn’t employ cutting-edge tech to track enemies, but instead may seek help from supernatural forces and even dark magical powers. It’s worth noting that the ties around Cypher’s arm weren’t just regular ropes. The agent was tied to a chair with a smoky lasso, further confirming that Bounty Hunter may have mystical powers similar to Omen or Astra. 

For now, players may need to be extra cautious and refrain from entering the range while alone. The upcoming agent teasers have turned Valorant into a horror game.