Is Sentinels’ Sinatraa the best pro Valorant player in NA?

By Olivia Richman


Aug 31, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

After the Sentinels beat Team Envy in the Pop Flash Valorant tournament over the weekend, the side was swiftly anoited the best team in North America, and perhaps in the world.

The 3-0 victory showed just how dominant Sentinels are becoming in the early days of Valorant’s esports scene. Watching the match a bit closer, it seemed that Sentinels were so tough to beat in large part because of Jay “sinatraa” Won. The former Overwatch League MVP continuously stole the spotlight during the finals thanks to his expert understanding of potential ability uses and his pure mechanical skills. 

Sentinels won on Haven 13-9. It was a decidedly close match, but sinatraa ensured that his team never fell behind. Casters and viewers were blown away when he used Sova’s Hunter’s Fury to get a double kill, followed by a flawless headshot on the final Envy player. 

sinatraa switched to Phoenix on Bind, at one point scoring four kills to clutch a round. Sentinels took the map 13-7. Despite performing well on Split throughout Flash Point, Envy lost 13-8. They were not able to keep up with sinatraa and his teammates. 

Former OWL MVP sinatraa looks like a star pro in Valorant

sinatraa had 59 kills by the end of the finals set.

Valorant viewers quickly recognized sinatraa as one of the best North American players after that performance. Many believed he was such a standout competitor because of his incredible abilities usage. 

For a while, it seemed that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive veterans were taking over the Valorant scene thanks to their finely tuned mechanical skills. But it appears that former Overwatch League competitor Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s argument that Overwatch players would reign supreme in Valorant may also have something to it. 

sinatraa most likely has excellent control over the agents he plays because of his deep understanding of ability use. In Overwatch, it’s important to understand the right timing and strategy behind each ability, usually combining it with other player’s abilities or actions. This aspect of Valorant has helped sinatraa dominate in the new FPS, allowing him to surprise enemies and viewers with creative ability usage and strategies. 

sinatraa was also a DPS player in Overwatch, so he’s very accustomed to being asked to dish out big damage on behalf of his team. And if he maintains his current level of play, he may be dishing out that damage for some time to come.