Killjoy Valorant

Is Riot nerfing Valorant agent Killjoy?

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 18, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games might be considering a nerf for Valorant’s techie Killjoy. 

Gekko’s arrival to Valorant has completely transformed the meta. From Wingman planting the Spike to an intel-gathering flash, Valorant has changed a lot. Now, the developer is considering more tweaks for established agents to balance out the roster. 

Killjoy is one of the most balanced Valorant agents in the current meta, but Riot is still exploring more modifications. According to ValorLeaks, the tech-savvy agent is under Riot’s radar for balances. 

Killjoy recently got a nerf to her Lockdown when Riot increased the ult point requirement. It was a fair nerf since players would gather orbs throughout the round to shut down large areas multiple times in a round. However, after that nerf, Killjoy seemed pretty balanced.

But it seems Riot isn’t satisfied. 

According to leaks, Killjoy balances are already in the works. Since her ultimate recently got a nerf, Riot could be looking at her powerful Turret. Despite a health cut down, Killjoy’s robot is still deadly in defense. However, balances don’t necessarily mean nerfs. Minor tweaks may be underway for the jolly sentinel. 

If anything, the next patch would be big as fans hope Gekko gets nerfed. Killjoy balances may also arrive in the same patch update. 

How to use Killjoy’s ultimate

Killjoy’s Lockdown device detains all enemies caught in its radius, but it can also be destroyed. Place it at safe spots to take control of a bomb point on the attacker’s side. On defense, use it when your team struggles with guarding a particular area.

Always wait for eight seconds before jumping inside Lockdown’s AoE to pick a fight with enemies. Agents only get detained during the last few seconds of the Lockdown ability. So if you’re retaking as the defenders, wait a few seconds before jumping back into the site after using Lockdown.