Is it possible to dodge Gekko’s flash in Valorant?

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 22, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Gekko’s flash, also known as Dizzy, is unforgivable if you’re hit with it. But is it possible to dodge it?

Gekko is equipped with Moshpit, Wingman, and Dizzy. These three friends are incredibly powerful, but Dizzy stands out for its unique flashing mechanics. The blue paintball doesn’t excuse any enemy — if it sees you, it flashes you.

Typically, flashes are avoidable in Valorant. They can be dodged by looking away, but not Dizzy. So, how do you play against it?

How to dodge Gekko’s flash

Valorant agent Gekko

Wingman’s flash can not be dodged, but you may destroy it. If Dizzy is alive, it will blind you.

Valorant mechanics are such that if you look away from the blind’s source, you may avoid it. Reyna’s flash is unique, but this trick also works on her. However, Dizzy’s blind works differently. It doesn’t matter if you look at it or not. If Dizzy spots you, it slaps you with a blue paintball.

But it’s possible to avoid it.

Unlike Reyna’s Leer, it doesn’t instantly start blinding as enemies spot it. But, Dizzy stays in the air for a whole second. During this time, players may shoot at and break it before it clings to their screen. There’ll be plenty of time to aim at the moving flash and destroy it.

Another way to dodge Gekko’s flash is by hiding behind an object. Dizzy only flashes enemies that are within its line of sight. You’ll be safe if you’re hiding behind a wall or somewhere Dizzy can’t see.

Is Gekko a good agent in Valorant?

Gekko hasn’t even completed a full month in the Valorant roster, and he’s already dominating the meta. Gekko is one of the most potent agents in Valorant, thanks to his Wingman, and Moshpit. His ultimate isn’t anything special, but players should watch out for the blue paintball and an incendiary that spells instant death.