Chris Tyson

Is Chris Tyson trans? YouTuber opens up about identity

By Olivia Richman


Apr 7, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson recently posted a video that had people questioning Chris Tyson’s identity, and the creator has decided to respond.

Chris Tyson is a popular YouTuber that’s very close with MrBeast, constantly appearing in his videos. Over the past few months, people have noticed a big difference in Tyson’s appearance, with their face and body seemingly changing drastically along with a longer haircut. On Twitter, a fan asked Tyson “wtf happened,” showing two images of Tyson that show the major differences.

Tyson has responded by coming out as trans.

Chris Tyson responds to confusion over appearance

Chris Tyson has been at the forefront of streamer news recently for divorcing their wife and coming out as bisexual. They tweeted in late March to confirm that they had split from his wife, a tough situation due to the couple’s shared children.

Tyson continued to change their appearance over this time as well, confusing some fans. Now, Tyson has revealed that they have been on HRT for two months. HRT is short for hormone replacement therapy. It’s used to replace shortages of estrogen.

Tyson stated that HRT saved their life as well as the lives of many other gender non-conforming people.

The YouTuber said: “Just let people make informed decisions about their own bodies.”

While HRT is often used by trans individuals, Tyson did not explicitly state that they are trans. On Twitter, they explained that finding themselves “does not always mean they are now X identity.”

What are Chris Tyson’s pronouns?

Tyson has “any pronouns” listed in their Twitter bio. While he and him are still fine, Tyson doesn’t want to be stuck to these pronouns exclusively.


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