Is a Pokemon Unite Club subscription worth it? We can tell you

By Steven Rondina


May 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Pokemon Unite is looking to get a bit more cash from its players. Developers have introduced the Pokemon Unite Club subscription service, but is it worth it for you?

Nintendo has been looking at new ways to get fans of its biggest IPs to buy into subscription services dedicated to those games. One of the first big examples of this was Pokemon HOME, but it’s not just Pokemon Sword and Shield that are getting this treatment now.

Pokemon Unite is getting a new subscription service for dedicated players of the mobile MOBA. But how much does the Pokemon Unite Club cost, and is it worth it? Here are the details.

How much does Pokemon Unite Club cost?

The Pokemon Unite Club subscription fee is $9.99 per month.

The new service comes at a relatively steep cost, matching subscription costs to MMORPGs and many digital streaming services. This is significantly more expensive than even the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service, which can be had for just $49.99 per year.

What do you get from Pokemon Unite Club?

Pokemon Unite Club membership offers players a number of exclusive cosmetic items, trial Unite Licenses, trial Holowears, discounts, and Aeos Gems.

The biggest part of the service’s value proposition is its collection of exclusive Holowears and items for the trainer avatar. Upon signing up, players will receive that month’s exclusive Holowear for a Pokemon, as well as a bundle of items for the trainer avatar. Alongside this are other items for the trainer avatar including borders and frames. New Holowears will come out each month and will be given to players on the day of subscription renewal.

It also offers trial Unite Licenses and Holowears. These give players access to new playable Pokemon and Holowears that they don’t own yet. Trial license and Holowears can’t be used in ranked games.

Finally, Pokemon Unite Club gives subscribers 40 Aeos Gems per day, which works out to 1,200 per month. 1,200 Aeos Gems can be purchased for $20 which actually makes this a bargain for people that make regular microtransactions in the game.

Is Pokemon Unite Club worth it?

A Pokemon Unite Club subscription is absolutely worth it for people who regularly spend money on Pokemon Unite, but the Pokemon Unite Club subscription won’t be worth it for anyone else.

Though the exclusive Holowears are notable, the real value proposition for regular Pokemon Unite players lies with the bonus Aeos Gems. For $10 per month, players effectively get $20 of Aeos Gems alongside other perks. This is a strong value for those who are committed to purchasing every Unite License, getting every Holowear, and maxing out every Held Item.

For everyone else, it will likely be better to either go without or to subscribe on a situational basis. Getting $20 of Aeos Gems for $10 is notable, but the game can still be enjoyed without spending any money at all.