Ironmouse stands up for fellow VTuber after Hogwarts Legacy hate mob

By Olivia Richman


Feb 21, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch star Ironmouse recently discussed fellow VTuber Silvervale getting harassed for playing Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy has been a huge source of controversy on Twitch, with some people in the LGBTQ+ community even threatening to boycott Twitch if the platform kept playing ads for the game. Hogwarts Legacy has been heavily criticized since its announcement thanks to its connection to Harry Potter’s author J.K. Rowling, who has been sharing transphobic rhetoric on social media.

This hasn’t stopped some streamers from still playing the game with their fans, however. One of those streamers was Silvervale, a VTuber that claimed she was doxxed for playing Hogwarts Legacy. Silvervale was the subject of an alleged hate mob when she banned the word “trans” from her chat.

Ironmouse responds to Silvervale backlash

Ironmouse and Silvervale are both VTubers under the VShojo banner. It’s no surprise that Ironmouse came to her friend’s side as Silvervale became emotional about the backlash.

“People are upset. Ah, I saw that. I think that’s ridiculous, and it makes me sad,” Ironmouse said. “Guys, listen… There’s always gonna be people out there that hate you and hate VShojo just because we are VShojo. There’s a lot of blind hatred going on out there, which is ridiculous. And it blows my mind.”

Ironmouse said that she’s been taking the time to process what’s been going on with Hogwarts Legacy and concluded that “everybody is entitled to their opinion” and can “support whatever they want to support.” But that doesn’t mean they should harass or attack other people.

“Nobody deserves to feel threatened and live in fear every day of their life. That is not right,” Ironmouse said. “Would you want to live in fear every day of your life and be afraid to close your eyes? No, why would you want to do that to somebody?”

Ironmouse went on to say that there are ways to support the LGBTQ+ in positive ways and said she hopes people become “a little kinder” to each other.

The popular VTuber added that she expects to get hate messages for standing up for Silvervale, noting that the possible harassment may be what has held other people from speaking up.

“That’s all I’m saying on the matter, the end!” Ironmouse said.

Other streamers have also spoken out against the harassment Hogwarts Legacy streamers are facing. Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker has already stated that he refuses to play the game to avoid controversy and possible hate altogether. Asmongold also discussed Silvervale’s situation, stating that the word “trans” is auto-modded by Twitch.

“A lot of people are just completely dogpiling her and telling her she’s a terrible person and telling her to kill herself… […] Because she did not adequately address this problem fast enough, there are people that are disconnecting from anybody who even talks to her because she didn’t address this problem fast enough. This is the way feral animals behave on Twitter,” Asmongold ranted.