Infamous and NoPing play rare repeat drafts in the same series

Neslyn Apduhan • October 10, 2019 11:00 pm

Infamous and NoPing Esports had a match worthy of memes when both teams picked and banned the same heroes in each game of their best-of-two series.

In the MDL Chengdu Major South America Qualifier, Infamous and NoPing Esports showcased an entertaining qualifier series not by picking unique or eccentric heroes, but by drafting the exact same heroes and ending both games with a different result.

It just strengthens the notion that the draft does not necessarily guarantee a win.

Infamous kicked off the series with a Mirana pick and NoPing Esports retaliated with a Leshrac and Crystal Maiden draft. Infamous completed its lineup with Sand King, Disruptor, Chaos Knight, and Death Prophet.

NoPing Esports’ final draft was composed of Leshrac, Crystal Maiden, Slark, Night Stalker, and Shadow Demon.

Both teams looked for aggressive plays early, with Night Stalker’s power spike during the night and Mirana’s Moonlight Shadow both making an impact.

NoPing had the early net worth advantage with Leshrac’s ability to quickly clear camps and Night Stalker’s good laning phase. The Brazilian team continued to assert its dominance from there. The credit for this success was largely due to the exceptional plays of Danylo “Kingrd” Nascimento and Leonardo “Mandy” Viana.

Brazilian team NoPing Esports chalked up a quick and impressive win against Infamous. The game lasted for almost 28 minutes with a 17-kill deficit in favor of NoPing Esports.

During the second game, Infamous banned the same set of heroes and NoPing Esports did the same. They also picked the same heroes in the ensuing draft.

Casters and viewers were shocked to see Infamous’ confidence to choose the same draft despite its loss in Game 1.

Once again, NoPing Esports executed the same strategy, but Infamous seemed to learn from its mistakes in the first game. Infamous contested towers and it translated to successful team fights and picks.

Sebastian Cerralta “Robo-Z” Velarde’s Death Prophet was a threat to any opponent who was poorly positioned. A crucial fight in the top lane swung the game’s momentum in Infamous’ favor.

Infamous took the Aegis of Immortal and tried to take their opponent’s high ground. NoPing Esports overextended and Infamous punished the mistake harshly. This sealed the game for Infamous as the team tied the series.

There’s no telling if the two teams agreed to have the same draft beforehand or if it was just a funny coincidence. Despite playing an entertaining series, neither team managed to qualify to the MDL Chengdu Major, the first of the 2019-20 Dota Pro Circuit.


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