Improve your CSGO arsenal with these skins that cost under $5

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 29, 2021

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins can cost hundreds of thousands, but you don’t need to break the bank to start a nice collection. 

There are plenty of eye-catching skins that sell for under $5 on the Steam Marketplace. Here are some of the best options for anyone looking to jazz up their arsenal for an affordable price. 

AK-47 | Baroque Purple Minimal Wear

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The Baroque Purple is an oft-overlooked AK-47 skin, so the price is still very low. Originally from the Canals collection, the AK Baroque has a giant crosshatch pattern reminiscent of modern Italian fashion. The Minimal Wear version can be had for less than $5, giving players a clean-looking rifle.

StatTrak AWP | Worm God Minimal Wear

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The AWP is usually the most expensive gun in CSGO, but players don’t need to spend $4,750 to get a stand-out sniper rifle. The macabre Worm God AWP is a classic from the Chroma 2 case. The massive supply means you can get a Minimal Wear StatTrak for under five dollars. Talk about bang for your buck.

M4A4 | Evil Daimyo Minimal Wear

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With 33 finishes spread across crates and map collections, the M4A4 is a weapon of choice. In that sea of skins, the Evil Daimyo stands out thanks to its distinct color blocking and effective palette. If any high rollers see differently, remind them that their Neo-Noir looks like a Source error to everyone else on the server.

StatTrak MP9 | Ruby Poison Dart Minimal Wear

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The eco-round icon is an overlooked, but important weapon to spruce up. True to its budget nature, there are plenty of MP9 skins that look awesome and cost under $5. The Ruby Poison Dart provides an elegant pattern that’s fun to glance over every eco. 

StatTrak Glock-18 | Grinder Minimal Wear

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Don’t let the super-cheap price fool you, the Grinder is a skin for collectors. The Grinder works similarly to the Slaughter or Crimson Web knife palettes, where the visible part of the pattern changes from gun to gun. When browsing the Steam Marketplace, inspect Grinders in-game to find your perfect match. A fully visible spiral pattern is the gold standard, but go with whatever you like best. 

USP-S | Cyrex Factory New

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You’re guaranteed to see your starting pistol every time you load into a CSGO match or respawn, so it should be a priority skin to upgrade. The Cyrex is a classic CSGO skin that’s been applied to four different guns, but the USP-S is the cheapest option by far. A Factory New piece of CSGO history can be yours for under $4.


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