Immortal Treasure 3 arrives in TI10 Battle Pass, date extended

By Steven Rondina


Sep 17, 2020

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At long last, the Immortal Treasure 3 has arrived in The International 10 Battle Pass.

The long-awaited loot crate is the last major component of the TI10 Battle Pass with the 2020 Trove Carafe likely cancelled. Fans have been clamoring for the item for weeks, with Valve slow to deliver due to struggles with its development output.

The Immortal Treasure 3 includes common treasures for Lich, Oracle, Clockwerk, Pugna, Treant Protector, and Gyrocopter. It features a very rare golden version of Pugna’s item, with the top prize being the ultra rare Solar Gre item for Phoenix which turns the tips of the hero’s wings and tail blue with an extra ambient effect. Players also have a cosmically rare chance of getting the Emblem of Divinity.

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As has been tradition in recent years, there is also a 50-level bundle that can be applied to the battle pass as a rare reward.

The items are available now, but the Immortal Treasure 3’s launch isn’t the only news to come out from the Dota 2 development team today.

TI10 Battle Pass end date extended, Arcana Vote winner reveal teased

With the late release of the Immortal Treasure 3, Valve has pushed back the TI10 Battle Pass end date by three weeks.

The TI10 Battle Pass will end on October 9.

Valve did not give a specific reason for the decision but the move comes after months of gripes from fans on almost every facet of the TI10 Battle Pass. The battle pass end date was previously pushed back due to extended downtime in Southeast Asian servers. Beyond that problem, fans have blasted Valve at almost every step for issues ranging from the quality of the skins to the new wagering systems.

With The International 10 likely delayed deep into 2021, Valve also announced the date when the Arcana vote winner will be revealed.

The 2020 Arcana vote winner will also be revealed on October 9.

The two finalists in the arcana vote are Faceless Void and Spectre. Valve teased that the victor is “a purple melee carry that can cross distances with ease.” Fans will have to wait a few weeks to find out exactly which hero they’re referring to. 


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