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“I’m seeing freakin’ dragons”: RPG fans slam Forspoken dialogue

By Olivia Richman


Jan 23, 2023

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Forspoken is about to launch, but the game’s “realistic” dialogue has been the main topic of conversation.

Forspoken is a fantasy RPG by Square Enix that has been getting mixed reviews since its demo. The open world has been called bland — even ugly — and the combat underwhelming. But what has somehow stood out the most to reviewers and players alike is the dialogue.

As an RPG, dialogue is very important for building relationships, creating complex characters, and developing lore. But fans of the genre have not been too happy with what they’ve heard in Forspoken so far. One clip has been causing arguments all over Twitter.

Forspoken dialogue getting backlash from gamers

In one clip being shared on Twitter, Frey Holland can be seen arguing with another character. While the other character starts off with a very serious concept, Frey responds that he “sounds like a serial killer” and starts mocking him in a nasally voice.

“I don’t sound like that,” he responded.

“You absolutely sound like that,” she deadpanned.

“No, no. Well you absolutely sound like that. See, two can play at that game,” he replied.

“You’re f—ing stupid,” Frey answered.

The responses to this clip have been jarringly opposite. Some have asked if an AI wrote the dialogue while others said it sounded quite amusing. Using quirky humor in a usually serious genre is most likely the reason there are such mixed feelings about the scene, with some saying that it feels like it belongs in an MCU movie and others commending it for trying something different.

In another scene, Frey has some self-aware dialogue about being a New Yorker dropped into a fantasy world: “So let me get this straight… I’m somewhere that’s not exactly Earth. I’m seeing freakin’ dragons. And, oh yeah, I’m talking to a cuff.”

Later on, Frey starts experimenting with her new ability to do telekinesis. She says to another character: “Did I just do that? I did not just do that. I just moved s— with my mind. I just freakin’ moved s— with my mind. Yeah, okay, that is something I do now.”

The self-aware and casual-sounding banter has reminded many gamers of Marvel movies. These movies have long-been criticized for slowly devolving into comedies, with superheroes firing off quips faster than Thanos can snap his fingers.

Some gamers have found it charming, refreshing, and “based,” however. For now, RPG fans will have to wait for January 24, 2023 to try out the game themselves and see exactly how the dialogue feels in the grand scheme of the story and gameplay.


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