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Pokimane says she’s done with “Twitch’s messy behavior,” what’s next?

By Olivia Richman


Jan 31, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Fans were left worrying about Imane “Pokimane” Anys after she hinted that she may be done streaming on Twitch. Now, the famous influencer has shared what she plans to do going forward.

On January 30, Pokimane shared a cryptic tweet that stated it was the “end of an era.” Fans reacted with shock, speculating that she was done streaming on Twitch and may have other plans for her career. She remained silent, however, until earlier today.

Is Pokimane leaving Twitch?

In the past, Pokimane explained that she liked Twitch’s culture more than other streaming platforms and didn’t seem keen on leaving, even though she voiced concern over some controversies like gambling and nudity.

In the end, however, it was this new Twitch atmosphere that had Pokimane ready to leave. She said: “If you see Twitch and streaming nowadays, it’s really almost nothing like how it was back then. Or, frankly, I feel like it has regressed a lot. And I think that’s the biggest reason why I have a hard time wanting to devote all of my time and all of my energy to just streaming.”

Pokimane accused Twitch of being “messy” when it came to certain issues like dealing with nudity on the platform. She said she felt fed up getting “emotionally invested” in the company’s controversial changes. This includes taking “a hot ass minute” to do anything to streamers acting inappropriately. All of this led Pokimane not to re-sign an exclusive contract with Twitch.

Where will Pokimane stream now?

Going forward, Pokimane revealed that she is going to try streaming on different platforms. She called the change “exciting,” mentioning YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram as her platforms of choice.

“Now I’m just going to have fun,” Pokimane said. “I just want to be able to partake in different platforms and things either as I see fit or as I find excitement in doing it.”

On February 1, 2024, Pokimane will host a special stream on YouTube, the YouTube Streamers vs. Twitch Streamers showdown.


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