Iconic CS 1.6 map Tuscan has finally arrived in CSGO

Fariha Bhatti • August 8, 2022 4:50 pm

The legendary Counter-Strike map Tuscan has finally gotten an official release in CSGO. 

The Counter-Strike franchise has a long list of iconic locations that players still reminisce about. Agency, Estate, Mill, and many others left a lasting impression on fans. Thankfully, Valve allows players to create custom maps that have kept the old content alive. However, it’s tough to replicate the true spirit of the old maps. 

Creators Catfood and Brute have pulled off Tuscan recreation with a modern touch, and it’s absolutely perfect. The iconic locale is now available to play on Steam. 

Tuscan officially released in CSGO 

Counter-Strike map makers are kicking the nostalgia into high gear in 2022. Classic Counter-Strike map Tuscan has been unveiled and is ready to be played. 

Tuscan has long been in development, keeping players waiting since 2019. The developers have been working on the map to make it appear modern yet stay true to the original concept. The new-look Tuscan map has been in beta testing since the first half of 2021, with only a few professional players and creators having access. Some players have already walked through the ancient alleys of the previously sandy location. 

Tuscan CSGO

However, now everyone can look directly at the intricate details that trailers may have missed. While visuals saw a drastic change, Catfood ensured that older players wouldn’t get lost in the prettier map. The developer has kept the same map layout as the original one. The choke points, angles, hiding corners, and bomb points are small as they were in Tuscan 1.6. 

The first look at Tuscan was too colorful for the tastes of many CSGO fans but the final product looks the part of an official map release. The devs have toned down the bright colors and lively pallet, replacing everything with the blasted look of CSGO. The entire aesthetic of the map is quite similar to Inferno’s current version, making Tuscan a lot more familiar for new players. 

So far, a few players have tried out the map, and they’re already hopeful that Tuscan will be added to official matchmaking. Time will tell if Tuscan regains its former glory. 


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