How to play CSGO map Tuscan before official release

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 22, 2021

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Counter-Strike’s legendary map Tuscan is finally returning to the game with a modern look. 

CS 1.6 laid the base for competitive FPS gaming that matured into proper esports when CSGO was released. A few maps like Dust 2 and Nuke made the cut in Valve’s new shooter, but some iconic locations were left behind when CS 1.6 players migrated to Global Offensive. Tuscan was one of the most played competitive maps in CS 1.6, but new maps replaced it.

A rumor of its return stirred in 2019, rejuvenating the fan base of classic map Tuscan. After a whole year of waiting, it’s finally here. The new map is still in beta testing and hasn’t arrived for casual CSGO matchmaking. However, Mapcore has announced that it will be providing exclusive hubs for players to try out Tuscan while it’s in beta testing.

This will allow players to test the waters before the map officially arrives in CSGO. Here’s how you can play it. 

  • Log in to your faceit account
  • Go to Mapcore Hub 
  • Pick a hub of your region
  • Click on join hub 
  • Press play on the right side of the screen
  • Play solo or queue with your lobby

Mapcore has opened the hubs for all from April 21-25, which means you can try out Tuscan for free for a limited time. As part of the competition, the organizers are rewarding as many as 100,000 FACEIT points to the winners. The map is also available on Steam Workshop, but players can play the updated version in a competitive setting on Mapcore hub. 

CSGO version of Tuscan is here

The independent map creators Brute and Catfood took it upon themselves to modernize Tuscan and breathe life into it. Nors3 teased the first look in 2020, providing a glimpse into a map that was way more colorful than the original Tuscan. Some would even say that the recreation looks heavily inspired by Valorant’s Split.  

The dusty alleys have been freshened up into cobblestone roads with pastel buildings lined up tall. There’s ample greenery shrouding inner corners and choke points of the map. New Tuscan is unlike any competitive map in CSGO. 

Textures are still missing on the boxes, and buildings lack the signature CSGO detailing that adds a realistic touch to its maps. The developer has clarified that the beta version is still going through several changes, which implies that players may see tons of changes in the future. 


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