“I never think about losing to any team” – An interview with TL CoreJJ

By Nicholas James


Jan 30, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-In is a world champion staring down yet another season in North America, he took the time to talk about his new team, the current meta, and advice for teammates.

After a disappointing winless start for Team Liquid, CoreJJ took time out of his day to chat with WIN.gg about the current state of the bot lane.

This year’s Team Liquid roster looks very different from 2022. How are you finding the experience of getting used to the new roster?

I wish we had won both games. I think we had a chance to win both games, it feels like [we’re] adjusting. I believe we’re going to play better.

You’ve been the Worlds champion coming over to North America, did you have any advice for Pyosik when he arrived, or any warnings about solo queue?

(laughs) Yeah, solo queue is not great. But I think, right now, solo queue has gotten better. Well, since we’re 0-2, maybe I can tell him that LCS isn’t easy.

What do you think is making NA solo queue better right now?

I think it’s because everybody’s grinding because it’s the start of the season.

You’ve got a few players you’ve played bot lane with on other rosters this year, are you looking forward to playing them?

I never think about losing to any team, and they’re no exception.

How do you feel about the current bot lane meta?

I think winning lane is really important, that’s why enemy teams pick ‘lane kingdom’ styles of champions. I think we should try to make sure that we’re not losing lane at any time.

What do you think of the success we’ve seen from scaling compositions this week? Is it because it’s early in the split, and people are making more mistakes than usual or is scaling actually good?

I don’t think scaling is good. In the other regions [scaling is bad]. I think it’s just that, in LCS, people are making many mistakes, so scaling comps get enough time.

After a tough first week, what is Team Liquid looking to do differently heading into week two?

I think we’re trying to make sure that every play we make is clean. If we play the details better, then we’re going to play better.


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